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    3 Symptoms of Surgical Errors from LASIK Eye Surgery

    3 Symptoms of Surgical Errors from LASIK Eye Surgery

    LASIK eye surgery has emerged as a popular procedure for correcting astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness.

    Surgical errors are prevalent forms of medical malpractice. Patients trust medical professionals to perform surgical procedures to the book and safely improve upon their health. It is crucial that surgery is conducted delicately. Any missteps made by the doctor leave the patient incredibly vulnerable to harmful health defects. Some examples of surgical errors include significant damage to vital organs during surgery, incorrect actions, and procedures, or insufficient post-surgery care.

    LASIK eye surgery has emerged as a popular procedure for correcting astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. During LASIK, Ophthalmologists use a special laser to cut a thin flap into the cornea of the eye. The procedure is innovative yet risky, and several patients are speaking out on the harmful side effects they have experienced. These symptoms are most likely a result of medical malpractice, specifically surgical errors.

    Blurred or Double Vision

    Over-correcting the patient’s prescription will cause blurred vision. Similarly, many LASIK patients have noted seeing double and feeling disoriented.

    If these symptoms persist, immediate medical attention is encouraged to find a solution. Ophthalmologists rectify the issue with additional surgery, aiming to accurately correct the patient’s vision.

    Burning Eyes

    Slight discomfort or burning after LASIK surgery is standard. However, if your eyes continue to burn, consult a doctor immediately. The eye doctor could be at fault due to incorrect procedures or potential errors.

    Corneal Scarring and Abrasions

    The Cornea has three layers: the epithelium, the stroma, and the endothelium. When the protective layer of the cornea is scratched, it can be incredibly painful and disorienting. Often, abrasions or scarring on the cornea are caused from harmful contact with the eye or improper surgical protections.

    Crucial Steps Prior to Surgery

    Before your LASIK procedure, conduct thorough research on your doctor to ensure customer satisfaction. Doctors with a history of success in the industry will have numerous customer testimonials available to you upon request. Familiarizing yourself with your doctor’s history and experience will help confirm that this is a trusted professional with no found history of malpractice.

    Proactively researching the LASIK procedure and potential systems will keep you prepared for all outcomes.

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