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    An Overview of Catastrophic Injuries

    Here is an overview of the basics of what you need to know about catastrophic injuries.

    There are many legal implications that come in the aftermath of a catastrophic injury. But it can also be a confusing category. You might wonder why a catastrophic injury isn’t considered the same as a personal injury, and what exactly defines a catastrophic injury. Here is an overview of the basics of what you need to know about catastrophic injuries.

    What Are They?

    The main thing that differentiates a catastrophic injury from a personal injury is the severity of it. Catastrophic injuries are those that cause significant, permanent, and life-changing damage. This includes brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and severe burns. Sometimes broken bones and scarring can be considered catastrophic injuries, but the argument comes down to how significantly these injuries affect your way of life.

    Common Causes

    Although there can be similar situations that cause a catastrophic injury as a personal injury, it will be easy to see how a catastrophic injury is caused. The most common cause of catastrophic injuries is serious car or truck accidents. But a catastrophic injury can also come from workplace accidents and medical malpractice. Even a fall from a height or a sports injury could be considered a catastrophic injury.

    Defining Damages

    The most important aspects of a catastrophic injury from a legal standpoint are the damages. Again, that comes down to the question of how significantly it impacts the rest of your life. If you have astronomical medical bills but are you unable to work, then you deserve financial compensation to cover both the costs of the bills and your loss of income. And since a catastrophic injury could cause anything from a permanent disability, loss of limbs, and disfigurement, there will also be pain and suffering as well as emotional agony to consider.

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