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    Common Wrongful Death Claims

    Common Wrongful Death Claims

    A wrongful death can take on many forms in terms of malpractice, and here we will cover the most common claims that result from these situations.

    A wrongful death is a devastating matter. As a patient, you don’t expect it to be an end result when under the care of medical professionals. However, when it occurs to a loved one, you must take the appropriate response and have justice for what was done. The term wrongful death refers to a situation where an individual’s death was caused by medical error or neglect. A wrongful death can take on many forms in terms of malpractice, and here we will cover the most common claims that result from these situations.

    The Failure To Diagnose

    This may be the most common claim that results from a wrongful death. A failure to diagnose is medical malpractice. This claim refers to a doctor not adequately performing duties that would have prevented an illness taking the patient’s life. In a case of failure to diagnose, it could be a situation where the doctor does not detect cancer soon enough, leading to death. It could also be a failure to diagnose appendicitis, leading to a burst that results in death.

    A Surgical Error

    A surgical error is simply a mistake that should not be made. Unfortunately, they do happen. There are a variety of reasons for why these errors occur, and each is certainly preventable. One could just be the fact that the surgeon is incompetent. Whether it’s because they’re new to the job or simply made a mistake, it’s still not an excuse. Communication also plays a role in surgical error. Like any team, without proper communication failure can easily result. Finally, there’s a possibility of straightforward neglect, in that a medical staff may bypass certain procedures or not properly prepare for the surgery.

    Neglect In The Nursing Home

    Lastly, wrongful death claims can come from nursing homes as well. The level of care varies from each home, but the standard should always be considered. Neglect in the nursing home can sadly come in many forms. Whether you knew this or not, abuse takes place in some facilities, and it can happen in different ways. Whether it’s a malfunction with the amount of dosage a patient needs, malnutrition or even the living conditions being generally unsanitary, the neglect can lead to a wrongful death.

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