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    The Danger Of Compartment Syndrome

    The Danger Of Compartment Syndrome

    Compartment syndrome is a devastating condition.

    Injuries happen. And when those injuries happen, we go to the hospital to receive treatment from medical professionals. When you reach this stage, you shouldn’t have to worry about your care. We expect expert results, and that’s mostly what you’ll receive. However, it’s not always the case, as doctors and nurses are prone to making mistakes. Their mistakes can have grave consequences, and if you’re impacted, you have the right to hire a medical malpractice lawyer and argue for compensation. The area of compartment syndrome is particularly devastating.

    What Is Compartment Syndrome?

    Compartment syndrome is essentially the buildup of pressure within a compartment of the body. Inside of each compartment, you’ll find muscles, vessels, ligaments, nerves, etc. This buildup is dangerous, and it typically results after an injury of some sort, primarily in the legs or arms. The reason you’ll often see swelling with this is because the blood flow will accumulate, and sometimes this can lead to a multitude of problems. The flow of oxygen to these particular compartments may be altered, and the necessary oxygen may not even be received, which means nerve and muscle damage occurs.

    How Does Medical Malpractice Occur?

    At its core, medical malpractice is the result of a medical professional not following the standard of care. By doing that, they’re allowing mistakes to occur (when they really could have been prevented). In regards to compartment syndrome, malpractice comes into play when a doctor or nurse fails to diagnose the situation. The consequences are life threatening, as patients can experience complete loss of functionality with their nerves, which leads to muscle failure. Failure can also be had in other parts of the body, which is why having an accurate diagnosis is so critical. If you or a loved one suffered harm from compartment syndrome, and you believe the cause was medical malpractice, you should consider an experienced team of lawyers to help you seek justice.

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