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    Everything You Need To Know About Nursing Home Neglect

    Everything You Need To Know About Nursing Home Neglect

    Negligent care or abuse can take many different forms, and each one is grounds for a claim of medical malpractice.

    Putting your loved one into a nursing home can be a difficult decision. By making the move to a nursing home you’re essentially delegating the care, and that’s a lot to handle. When you delegate that care, the expectation is that the treatment will be practically flawless. There should be no worrying involved. The worst case scenario is when your loved one is the victim of negligent care, and the worrying goes from nonexistent to maximized. Negligent care or abuse can take many different forms, and each one is grounds for a claim of medical malpractice. Here are two main ways nursing home neglect occurs.

    Safety And Treatment

    Safety and treatment are two crucial aspects of nursing home care. We want our loved ones to be in a safe, healthy environment, and we also want the best treatment for them. However, this does not always happen the way we envisioned. The concept of safety can go in a variety of ways. It means that the facility is up to the correct standards, especially cleanliness. It also means that the environment between the occupants is safe. A failure to provide accurate treatment is a primary claim in nursing home neglect. Whether it be that a patient receives the wrong medication or nurses simply forget to treat the patient, these are areas of medical malpractice.

    Negligent Supervision

    Negligent supervision is when caretakers fail to provide a safe living condition for those staying at the facility, in that they fail to attend. It could be a case in which a patient suffers from periodic falls and the proper precautions are not taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Negligent supervision could also result from a staff that is not adequately trained, or even a staff that is noticeably short in numbers. Whatever the case may be, each of these faults is a violation of the standard of care and considered a form of medical malpractice.

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