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    Pregnancy Loss Due to Malpractice: The Story of Heather Fergurson


    Medical malpractice that leads to miscarriage is nothing to ignore. Fergurson’s story should serve as inspiration for all mothers who have been wronged.

    In the world of medical malpractice, there are many tragic instances.  It’s not uncommon to find cases of wrongful death, birth injury, or misdiagnosis.  Heather Fergurson, 32, was a victim of all three.  In 2011, she was denied both the healthy development of a child and future ability to conceive.  Medical malpractice that leads to miscarriage is nothing to ignore.  Fergurson’s story should serve as inspiration for all mothers who have been wronged.  Read on to discover what you can do should you be in Heather Fergurson’s situation.

    The Malpractice in Action


    After attending a prenatal appointment with her husband, Fergurson was told that she had a mass of cancerous cells on her uterus rather than a growing child.  Such a condition would require immediate surgery.  And Fergurson went into that surgery, believing her cancer would be removed.  But two days later, she was told that the cancerous mass was actually an 11 week old fetus.  This is the direct result of the misreading of an ultrasound.  Failure to interpret radiology film is a tragic and serious form of medical malpractice.  In Fergurson’s case, her and her husband both lost something they can never get back, and that has had a profound emotional and devastating effect.  


    The Case


    With the help of the Federal Tort Claims Act, Fergurson took legal action, and asked for compensation worth $1.7 million.  Heather needed those funds for hospital bills, future adoption fees, and sheer emotional destruction.  And she deserved it–misinterpreted radiology film is egregious and avoidable.  There is absolutely no excuse for failing to recognize the difference between cancer and a healthy fetus.  Fergurson lost all that a mother could lose, because of medical malpractice.  And that’s why she asked for the assistance of a medical malpractice lawyer.


    Why a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?


    As experts in the field, medical malpractice lawyers are the best choice when it comes to birth injury and misdiagnosis.  It’s the only way to ensure that you’re getting the most informed and most accurate legal opinion.  When you’re so wrongfully treated, it’s important to get the justice you truly deserve.


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