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    The Process Of A Medical Malpractice Case

    The Process Of A Medical Malpractice Case

    After reaching out to a lawyer and recognizing that your case has grounds for a claim, there are many different situations that will take place.

    Medical malpractice, whenever it occurs, is always an unfortunate scenario. However, it does happen and it’s a long process that follows. After reaching out to a lawyer and recognizing that your case has grounds for a claim, there are many different situations that will take place. Once initiated, your case of medical malpractice will take its course.

    A Comprehensive Review

    The very first thing your lawyer will do is essentially gather every possible fact about you and your situation. Full honesty and recollection regarding your condition and treatment are important during this part, because it will only help your lawyer in representing you down the road, if your case is viable. After sifting through the records and understanding the timeline of events, your representation will make a decision on the validity of your case.

    Experts In The Field

    After the initial review and acceptance of your case, the firm will seek out experts in the relevant medical field to speak on the malpractice that occurred. The expert will issue his or her thoughts on the negligence, and how it personally impacted your health.


    This is basically the phase where information is gathered and exchanged. It can range from conducting depositions to one party requesting information. There are a variety of things happening in this stage, all building toward the case each side will make.


    In many situations, a case of medical malpractice will never end up going to trial. This is due to the severity of the case. If a medical malpractice case is incredibly severe, sometimes hospitals and insurance companies won’t want to take the risk of going to trial. Not only for the negative publicity it may cause, but also because of the money it would cost to go to trial. This is the phase where your lawyer will negotiate with the other side to come to a settlement. Few cases actually do go to trial, as a settlement could sometimes be more advantageous in terms of the amount of compensation you end up receiving. Whether the lawsuit is filed or not, the settlement phase never truly end, even during trial. It can happen at any time. A mediation would be a more formal discussion of settlement, rather than a pre-suit meeting.


    While law movies and shows constantly show trial situations, in the medical malpractice world they do not occur as often as you’d think. A trial is the final outcome to resolve your case. They can be overwhelming and exhausting for both sides, but it will bring you a final answer.

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