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    Signs of Medical Negligence in Radiology

    Misdiagnosis is an unfortunately prevalent form of medical malpractice, and radiologists are no exception.

    A radiologist is a specialist whose job is to evaluate and interpret radiological films, that is pictures, for diagnosis. The most common example is x-rays, but this can include MRIs, ultrasounds and even mammograms. Misdiagnosis is an unfortunately prevalent form of medical malpractice, and radiologists are no exception.

    Incorrectly Administering the Test

    There is a risk of overexposure to radiation if a radiologist does not properly protect the patient. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to prove medical negligence because signs of radiation exposure often take years to develop. However, you can be aware that not only should you be provided with a protective apron for most types of radiation testing, but the room itself should be protected. Incorrect calibration of the machine can also lead to overexposure. A radiologist should understand and follow all of the proper safety regulations.

    Misinterpreting the Results.

    Because radiology tests are used specifically for diagnosis, it is up to the radiologist to carefully examine the film in order to get accurate results. There are a variety of health complications that a missed diagnosis can lead to. Some of the more common ones related to radiology are fractures, internal bleeding, organ perforation, prenatal conditions, and even cancer cells and tumors. As you can imagine, failure to detect these problems could be serious and even fatal. The right medical malpractice lawyer will be able to find a trusted radiologist to consult your results and determine if there was an error in diagnosis.

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