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    Why Are Strokes Misdiagnosed Among the Younger Population?

    misdiagnosed stroke

    Why is this range so vast? Because strokes are often misdiagnosed; the symptoms of a stroke are very similar to many other medical conditions.

    To many, a stroke seems like a medical condition that only affects the elderly.  And, it’s true that strokes are very common in people over the age of 60–however, this is certainly not the entire population of people affected by strokes.  This condition exists within the younger population at a surprising rate, considering it could be considered an epidemic.  In fact, per year, there are between 15,000 and 165,000 cases.  Why is this range so vast?  Because strokes are often misdiagnosed; the symptoms of a stroke are very similar to many other medical conditions.  Read on to find out why the younger population is at serious risk for misdiagnosis.

    Similar Symptoms


    Because strokes are not often found in young people, a case of dizziness could be attributed with other common medical conditions, like dehydration or exertion.  For young people, this symptom is often ignored.  Two large indicators of a stroke are headaches and dizziness, and you’ve probably felt these symptoms very frequently within the last year or so.  This is why strokes are so commonly misdiagnosed.  These symptoms are cause for concern in the elderly because they could mean more serious illnesses that affect this population disproportionately to younger people.


    What Happens During Misdiagnosis?


    Most frequently, younger people with symptoms of a stroke are turned away with a misdiagnosis.  This can lead to a lack of medical attention when the stroke occurs, which could mean long term and serious damage to the body and brain.  In young people, the concern is paramount.  If attended to immediately, the effects and consequences of a stroke can be severely reduced.  Smaller strokes that cause little damage can often lead to more intense strokes that lead to medical complication.  When a patient is misdiagnosed, this can be grounds for medical malpractice claims.  Don’t allow this misdiagnosis to go unchecked.


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