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    The Difference Between a Personal Injury and a Catastrophic Injury

    Wondering whether to file a personal injury or catastrophic injury claim? Believe it or not, there is a big distinction between these similar-sounding kinds of lawsuits.

    If you have recently suffered from a fall, car accident, or any of a number of injuries that you know you have the right to file a lawsuit for, then you’re probably wondering whether to file a personal injury or catastrophic injury claim. Believe it or not, there is a big distinction between these two similar-sounding kinds of lawsuits.

    Personal Injury

    First of all, we should define what exactly is a personal injury claim. A personal injury event is characterized by another party’s neglect or intentional actions causing your injury. It could be failing to put up a wet floor sign at a restaurant which led to a slip and fall, for example. This said, nearly any type of injury can fall under this category including dog bites, car accidents, and even some medical malpractice cases (although those are usually in their own category). The important thing to remember with a personal injury claim is that your lawyer has to be able to prove that the liability falls on the person you are suing and that you were not at fault via contributory negligence.

    Catastrophic Injury

    In most ways, a catastrophic injury claim goes through the same process as a personal injury claim. But there are a few notable differences. A catastrophic injury is considered more extreme and long-lasting than a personal injury. In a car accident, you could sue for a personal injury such as a broken bone, because your compensation would be for the recovery. But a car accident that causes traumatic brain or spinal cord injury means that you may require a lifetime of care and may never fully recover. In that instance, you should talk to your attorney about a catastrophic injury lawsuit. Filing a catastrophic injury suit will be met with a lot more resistance from the defending party because they are faced with bigger consequences. You will need to corroborate your story with the testimony of a medical examiner to prove your injuries.

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