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    The Top Medical Malpractice Claims

    The Top Medical Malpractice Claims

    Medical malpractice happens every day unfortunately, and a lot of the cases revolve around birth injury, medication errors, and diagnosis errors.

    Medical malpractice is a situation that has a widespread impact on patients and hospitals. Our medical institutions are a place of trust, and when that trust is breached it becomes difficult to feel safe. While medical malpractice is many times the direct result of a personal error, it can also be due to a lack of training. No matter what the reason for the malpractice was leading up to it, doctor’s must be held accountable for these mistakes. The patient in these scenarios should be compensated for the actions committed against them. Medical malpractice happens every day unfortunately, and a lot of the cases revolve around birth injury, medication errors, and diagnosis errors.

    Birth Injury

    Birth injury is a serious issue, and it’s something that should never occur. A good chunk of malpractice claims come from this type of injury, whether it’s an injury to the mother or child, a wrongful birth, or a wrongful pregnancy. An injury to the mother or child during the birthing process is unforgivable, and it’s typically a result of the doctor not moving to a C-section in a timely manner. The outcome of this decision is a baby that’s affected by cerebral palsy or shoulder dystocia. Even if the doctor did not intentionally commit this error, a claim can still be made.

    Medication Errors

    Again, these are issues that shouldn’t happen, yet they do. If a medical professional prescribes you the wrong medication or the wrong amount, it can be seen as medical malpractice if something happens to you. A doctor issuing an inaccurate prescription is a common case, which is why you should always ask as many questions as possible.

    Diagnosis Mistakes

    Diagnosis mistakes can be costly. You’re expecting those treating you to have a bank of knowledge regarding your symptoms and condition. It’s not always the case though, and some nurses or doctors miss the signs, when in reality, they should’ve been able to make a precise diagnosis all along. Whether it’s a failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis, each is devastating.

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