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    Michael B. Snyder

    • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael Synder and his staff for the outstanding effort that they put into my difficult and unusual case. Michael kept me informed at all stages of my case from start to finish. He is an outstanding and compassionate professional. I highly recommend him and his firm.

      – Dr. Dave

    • Mr. Snyder is a knowledgeable attorney who took the time to clearly review our background of information. He was not afraid of a challenge as we were informed that this was a very complicated case to defend. Over the years that our litigation has transpired we were kept up to date on significant changes that were occurring at the given time. He works closely with the client and truly follows the idealistic approach to caring and has true compassion to fight for what is right and protect the little guy. He takes himself out of the attorney position and turns the tables and places himself into the shoes of the client to really see what they have gone through. I would highly recommend Michael Snyder and his firm.

      – Sandra

    • I worked with Michael for years at my prior law firm, where he and I successfully tried a number of medical malpractice cases together. He is a top notch trial lawyer who I would recommend to anyone who needs representation in a serious medical malpractice or wrongful death case.

      – Andrew
      Medical Malpractice Attorney

    • I worked with Michael for four years. I saw first-hand how bright he is and how thoroughly he prepares his cases. He gets excellent results for his clients, and I recommend him highly and without hesitation to anyone who needs such a lawyer.

      – Mark
      Medical Malpractice Attorney

    • I am extremely happy to endorse Michael Snyder and I can attest to his abilities. I have worked with Mike for many years on many cases and by far he is top notch and highly experienced in his legal field and shows great strength and compassion in and out of the court room. He is respectful of his colleges and of...

      – Daniel
      Medical Malpractice Attorney

    • I endorse this lawyer. His firm provides high quality care and service for all medical malpractice issues. Mr. Snyder has proven time and time again that they can obtain excellent results in medical malpractice cases. Well known for hard work and quality results. An Excellent attorney.

      – Grant
      Personal Injury Attorney

    • Mr. Snyder works extremely hard on behalf of his clients. His firm has a long-standing commitment to their clients, and under his leadership, has obtained excellent results. With a unique way of working with clients, fellow lawyers, and others, Mr. Snyder consistently goes the extra step to see that his clients expectations are met I endorse this lawyer without reservation!

      – Marc
      Personal Injury Attorney

    • I have worked closely with Michael, we are in the same building, and frequently discuss our cases, the law and strategies. He is extremely knowledgeable, always accessible and very forthcoming. We also share results, and his successes are many, and the value he gets for cases virtually always is much higher than similar ones tried or settled by other attorneys. I have seen him with clients, and the rapport is unmistakable! I cannot recommend him enough.

      – Giles
      Birth Injury Attorney

    Scott A. Snyder

    • Scott Synder is the best! I would give 10 stars if I could! Best of the best.

      – Kenneth

    • Very professional, very helpful, & very responsive! Definitely recommend for all your needs.

      – Montana

    • They are the best. Worked with us every step of the way. Can't thank them enough. Thank you for everything.

      – Stephanie

    • I would like to sincerely thank you for handling my sister's injury case.  I had heard some good things about The Firm and I decided to recommend you to my sister.  I knew this would be a challenging case but I thought that if anyone could get a good resolution to this case, you could.  You were upfront and honest with us and the monetary reward was more than expected.  It was truly enlightening to see how you looked out for her best interests and it showed just how you and The Firm really care about your clients. Thank you again and I would recommend you and The Firm to everyone needing legal assistance.

      – Cindy

    • Scott Synder was very efficient and courteous to my needs. Everyone would keep me up to date on my case and communicated with me on the best way to resolve the situation. I am very pleased with Scott and the entire Synder Law Group. Highly recommend if in need of a great team.

      – Todd

    • Scott, David, and Michael helped my son who was in a major accident. Their communication was top notch and they made themselves available from start to finish. My son got the medical attention that he needed thanks to the Snyder's and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much.

      – Jane

    • The Snyder Law Law Group was amazing!  Scott worked tirelessly to get me the settlement that I deserved for my accident. Scott's communication with me was excellent, keeping me updated on the case, explaining what my options were, and what would happen next. Scott helped my wife and I get through a very difficult time, and for that I'll always be grateful. I recommend Scott and the Snyder Law Group to everyone. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for everything!

      – John

    • Scott was a great attorney fast to the point and has your best interests in mind

      – William

    • Scott, I can't thank you enough for your hard work to get me his settlement. I'm so happy I made that call. We Syndered them wow!! Thank you again.

      – Cynthia Cornell

    • My husband got into a very bad accident 2 years ago with catastrophic injuries and we hired The Snyder Law Firm for our case. We worked very close with Scott Snyder who was very professional and responsive to phone calls and emails. He would do courtesy calls to check in on us and asked us if we needed anything. Apparently our case was a very unique and different case as there were many parts to it. However, that never stopped Scott and the Law firm from defending our case. They were very detailed in their documents and negotiated 110% for us! The Snyder Law Firm is very personable and has many years of experience as our case proved that. We would highly recommend this law firm as they got us a great settlement in the end!

      – Anonymous

    • I would like to commend Mr. Scott for being a very professional and sensitive attorney. He was committed to keeping me informed of the issues related to my case and was very charismatic and supportive.

      – Anonymous

    • I am very pleased to commend Scott Snyder. He has impeccable runaround...PERIOD ! He is straightforward, accountable, trustworthy and actually likable. I believe that you can count on his expertise to be a man of his word. He won’t mince words and will carefully examine the facts before evaluating your case.

      – Anonymous

    • Scott you are fantastic

      – Client CA

    • Exceptional hard work

      – Client CA

    • You are the best excelling all others. You are offering and producing the greatest. With great admiration and respect,

      – Mohamed

    • Scott Snyder and the entire team at the Snyder law firm are absolutely outstanding. Scott was extremely helpful, understanding and caring of our situation. He was always available to answer our calls and explained everything to us as we went along. The Snyder litigation team worked extremely hard to resolve our case with the best possible outcome. We are very grateful to them.

      – Kris

    • Faced with a complex issue, in despair I retained Scott. From the beginning he assured me that I had nothing to fear. His "bedside manor " was impeccable . Scott was extremely successful when dealing with the other parties involved, ONLY he was able to get an award for my family and I that other attorneys could not ( I previously consulted 2 before ). With so many choices and a lot of talk out there it would have been easy to choose others. Scott and his firm are the real deal, they are not afraid to explore all alternatives, really go to bat for our interests, and accelerate matters to the upmost level. My family and I will always be grateful, a true gem of a man.

      – B. Neil

    • We were very please with Scott's handling our case and are very happy with the end result we had the very best representation Scott was always very accessible kept us informed and answered all of our question in a timely manner .the litigation team attorneys are highly skilled and fight aggressively for their clients.

      – Jim

    • Scott's firm represented me on a case. They worked harder than any other law firm I've ever been associated with. The entire staff worked tirelessly to get a great outcome. I recommend Scott Snyder to anyone who has a need for their services.

      – Bobby

    • I have known Scott since before I was even a lawyer. He is a tremendous advocate to his clients, and often goes above and beyond to leverage his experience, knowledge and pedigree to maximize recoveries for those clients.

      – Jobeth

    • I endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Mr. Snyder in the past on many matters and can attest to his litigation skills, knowledge of the law and work ethic.

      – Daniel

    • Scott Snyder is experienced, intelligent and he knows how to handle himself in the courtroom better than anyone I know.

      – Craig

    • Strong attorney and firm capable of handling high end med mal, birth injury and catastrophic injury cases.

      – B

    • I worked with Scott on birth injuries cases. He is savvy and a zealous advocate for minor victims who suffer from birth injuries. His knowledge of the law and wit allow him to excel as a skilled medical malpractice litigator. I looked to him as a mentor for me regarding handling plaintiffs-side medical malpractice cases.

      – John

    • Thanks for all your work on her case. The outcome was spectacular.

      – CS

    Kevin D. Stern

    • I encountered some bad luck when I was hit on my road bike by a boat trailer being pulled by a truck. Suffered a concussion, broken arm and extensive shoulder injuries. First time something like this has happened to me and with no experience with lawyers I took to the internet to explore. I reached several lawyers to include Kevin but he was the only one to offer to come to the house and see me in person. He was at the house the next day after our phone call. He represented himself and the company in a very professional manner and I can also say now it was an honest representation. Kevin was very like-able, kept me informed on the progress of the case and frequently called just to see how I was recovering. At time of settlement there were no surprises. I also had some interaction with Scott Snyder by phone as he was also working the case with Kevin and I also enjoyed the conversations with him. Hopefully the next time I see them it will be over a beer and not professionally but I would highly recommend them to anyone that may experience misfortune.

      – Bill

    • Kevin was recommended to me by a friend as 'sort of a tenacious pit bull'. He didn't disappoint. He came to us while my wife was still in hospital (very convenient for us) even though he was the father of a new borne (not convenient for him). At all phases of the case, he kept us in the loop with constant phone calls, and was always available immediately each time we called him. The advantage with this firm is that when you hire him, you get the whole firm on your case. There were many calls where we were on the phone with Kevin, with other lawyers on the line. We only went to the office once, which was conveniently near the Baltimore beltway with plenty of parking. The office staff took every step to make our visit comfortable and easy. Kevin took great pains to explain the many medical terms and difficult legal aspects of our case. The final settlement was handled quickly and professionally with Kevin coming to our home for the necessary signatures. Kevin has the tenacity, knowledge and enthusiasm to handle any job. I hope we never have to, but I'd hire him again without reservation! Glad he was on our side!

      – Charlie

    • Kevin is very professional and passionate about helping others. He displayed superb customer service. When consulting with Kevin about my case he immediately notified the litigation team and from that day forward he worked tirelessly to help resolve my case.

      – Rommel and Janet

    • Kevin was my attorney on a personal injury case. He was organized, thorough and responsive. He followed up on all of my doctor visits and read my case notes carefully. Because of this he picked up terminology that told him I still needed treatment and to press my doctors for further tests … that indeed showed my injuries hadn’t healed! As a result I underwent necessary surgery. If not for him I would still be suffering pain in my left hand which is my dominant hand. My job requires a great deal of typing something that no doubt would be an issue for me to this day if not for Kevin. I would highly recommend Kevin and the team of Snyder & Snyder!

      – Dorothy

    • Kevin Stern is extremely professional, kind and helpful. He was genuinely concerned about our situation and made the entire process nearly effortless for us.

      – Kris

    • I endorse this lawyer. Kevin is a talented young attorney who has demonstrated his ability to resolve complicated medical malpractice cases. His willingness to fight for his clients is clearly evident. Kevin understands that each case is unique and takes a personal role in helping his clients succeed.

      – Ruslan
      Medical Malpractice Attorney

    • Mr. Stern is a very hard worker. He has tremendous legal skills a lot of knowledge. He is quite adept at getting the case to the finish line and I highly recommend him.

      – Yaser

    • I endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Mr. Stern on numerous cases over his career, all with great success. He has truly set himself out among the rest with his zealous advocacy for his clients and thorough knowledge of the law. He can bring the case to conclusion with great...

      – Daniel
      Medical Malpractice Attorney

    • I worked with Kevin on birth injuries cases. He is savvy and a zealous advocate for minor victims who suffer from birth injuries. His knowledge of the law and wit allow him to excel as a skilled medical malpractice litigator. I looked to him as a mentor for me regarding handling plaintiffs-side medical malpractice cases.

      – John

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