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    Nursing Home Negligence: Ignoring a Stroke

    nursing home neglect

    On occasion, nursing home staff are neglectful towards patients and residents.  This can lead to the staff ignoring a stroke, leading to serious consequences. 

    Oftentimes, elderly family members are admitted to nursing homes because they are recovering from a stroke.  It’s difficult to continue supporting a family in any capacity when a member needs constant supervision and care.  Nursing homes were created with this in mind; the point is to provide excellent care for patients who cannot be attended to by their families, for whatever reason.  However, on occasion, nursing home staff are neglectful towards patients.  In this blog, we’re going to discuss how nursing home staff ignoring a patient’s stroke can be considered medical malpractice.

    Necessary Rehabilitation Process


    After a stroke, there is a significant chance that another one will occur in the near future.  For this reason, a recovering stroke victim in a nursing home must be watched carefully at all times.  If a stroke occurs, immediate medical attention must be administered.  Without it, there could be life-long consequences that could have been easily avoided.  Rehabilitation is also a vital aspect of many post-illness lifestyles.  Sometimes, you could be putting your family member’s life into the hands of nursing home employees.  You should be able to trust them fully.


    Ignoring Strokes


    Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently.  There are two main reasons why someone experiencing a stroke may be ignored.  The first is that their symptoms are downplayed, rather than taken seriously.  Many symptoms include dizziness, weakness, fatigue, and headache.  All of these could be symptoms of something incredibly benign, such as dehydration–however, they should still be taken very seriously.  More extreme symptoms, such as partial body paralyzation, could arise later.  This kind of blatant patient disregard is a form of medical negligence.  Likewise, a stroke victim could be ignored out of pure laziness or inhuman disinterest.  When this occurs, you must seek justice.  You and your family do not have to suffer financially and emotionally due to someone else’s mistake.


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