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    How Many Stroke Cases Are Misdiagnosed in the ER?

    stroke misdiagnosis

    When negligence is involved, a stroke can be misdiagnosed to be something far more benign, making treatment useless, and putting the patient in grave danger.

    The emergency room is an infamous destination for anyone needing dire medical aid.  Therefore, it is extremely important that each case is properly diagnosed, so that a solution can be found and properly applied.  Unfortunately, one of the most misdiagnosed cases among ER patients are strokes.  When negligence is involved, a stroke can be misdiagnosed to be something far more benign, making treatment useless, and putting the patient in grave danger.  Read on to find out why misdiagnosed stroke cases are so common in the emergency room.

    Just How Many Cases Are Misdiagnosed?


    According to a recent study, anywhere between 9 and 30% of stroke victims are misdiagnosed.  But the risk of misdiagnosis increases greatly when the patient mainly complains of dizziness.  Vertigo, or dizziness, is a very common complaint among stroke victims.  It’s also a strong symptom of a stroke.  However, dizziness can occur for a variety of illnesses–inner ear infections, dehydration, fatigue, and other easily treatable conditions come with dizziness as a side effect.  An incredibly high number of people are misdiagnosed because of this.


    What Are the Consequences?

    Strokes don’t always have to have immediate or lasting consequences.  Experts say that some people have strokes, and even heart attacks, without even realizing.  However, more intense strokes can cause paralysis, or even death.  This is why misdiagnosis is such a dire matter.  When the ER can’t detect a stroke, it could lead to someone’s misfortune, when it could have been prevented.  This is why medical malpractice cases are opened.  A misdiagnosed stroke will end up costing extra medical bills, emotional duress, and possibly life-long consequences.  That’s why it is so important you seek legal aid.  Without the proper lawyer, you won’t be compensated for someone else’s mistake.  You put your life in the hands of medical professionals when you visit the ER–you should never accept anything less than perfection.


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