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Failure To Properly Read/Interpret Radiological Film

The use of radiology and radiological film are of great use to doctors and hospitals when diagnosing a patient, but any misinterpretation can cause a medical mistake. With medical technology advancing more and more every day, the use of CT scans and MRI’s have become more common since they provide a non-invasive diagnosis and treatment for many diseases and conditions.

It is difficult to determine if malpractice occurs in the form of improperly read or interpreted radiological film since patients and radiologists typically do not meet. A radiologist interprets the diagnostic films and then provide a report to your doctor, who in turn discusses the findings with you. In some cases the interpretation of radiological films can form the basis of an entire treatment plan. Any mistake in the interpretation could have a serious effect on your health and condition.

A failure to properly read or interpret radiological film could lead to a health care professional failing to diagnose cancer to misunderstanding a chronic condition. This type of negligence can have serious ramifications.

Common Questions Surrounding Radiological Film Reading And Malpractice

What Is a Radiologist?

Radiologists are medical specialists who evaluate and interpret diagnostic films such as:

  • Ultrasounds
  • Sonograms
  • Mammograms
  • MRIs
  • CT Scans
  • X-Rays

The proper diagnosis and interpretation of these films dictate the medical treatment for patients throughout a hospital. Usually, a radiologist notifies a physician about the diagnostic interpretation of the film. Any error in communication can lead to a misdiagnosis of failure to diagnose significant medical conditions.

Failure to Properly Interpret Radiological Films: Is It Medical Malpractice?

If a failure to properly interpret radiological films leads to a medical injury, it may amount to malpractice. By hiring a medical malpractice lawyer, you will have an advocate on your side with the experience to help guide your case and determine if your injury was caused by a healthcare professional’s negligence.

What Types of Medical Conditions Can Be Missed?

  • Fractures of the arm, leg, wrist, spine, ribs or hips
  • Presence of tumors or cancer
  • Ulcers
  • Internal bleeding
  • Organ perforation
  • Intestinal perforation
  • Problematic prenatal conditions

What Can I Do if a Misinterpretation Led to a Delay in Diagnosis?

The misinterpretation of radiological film that causes a significant delay in treatment may be grounds for legal action. A knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer can help determine if your situation warrants action and help you seek compensation for your injuries.

How Can an Attorney Prove a Radiologist Failed to Interpret Radiological Films?

The strength of our medical malpractice attorneys lies in their ability to thoroughly investigate and  research a case to prove the occurrence of medical malpractice. Using the opinion of a skilled radiologist who has experience reading and interpreting radiological film, a medical malpractice lawyer will examine whether your medical professional deviated from the established standard of good care associated with the profession. You may have a legal argument for negligence if the expert is able to make the case that your radiologist should have been able to diagnose a condition based on radiological films.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Proving medical negligence is difficult enough, but paired with taking on a hospital or insurance company’s legal team the challenge can seem insurmountable. A medical malpractice lawyer knows how to help you make the best case for medical malpractice and isn’t afraid to take on health care provider’s legal teams on your behalf. They will fight for your right to adequate compensation for any injury caused by the negligence of a health care provider.

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