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Jaundice-Induced Kernicterus Cases

Persistent Birth Injury Lawyers

Children suffering from kernicterus onset by jaundice might have a case against their medical providers for the liability. Unlike other birth injuries that are harder to avoid, kernicterus is easily avoided and has many warning signs that medical professionals should catch. Medical malpractice cases are based in situations such as this, when the professionals clearly preform reckless techniques that result in the injury of your loved one.

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Kernicterus Caused By Jaundice

While some may be alarmed, it is fairly common for babies to be born with a yellowing in their skin and eyes. This is called jaundice and it occurs when the infant has too much of a natural chemical, bilirubin, than it can expel. In most cases the newborn’s body corrects itself over the course of a week or two. But when jaundice gets out-of-control it can cause kernicterus which damages the baby’s brain. In these cases, levels of bilirubin become too high and move from the blood to their brain tissue resulting in critical damage.

While newborns are rapidly growing and developing, their brains are not fully protected after birth. Unlike adults whose bodies have formed internal controls to block this from happening, infants have not developed this protection directly after birth. Concerned parents should look for kernicterus’s classic markers. If your baby is difficult to wake and overtired when up this could be a warning sign of kernicterus. The condition’s manifestation is also marked by increased or decreased muscle tone, high-pitched crying and head tilting.

If left untreated, the infant’s health will deteriorate in distinct ways. Fever, brain damage and head contortion are common indicators of severe kernicterus. If you are concerned your child is suffering from kernicterus, bring them to a medical professional for examination. Medical professionals should be able to identify the condition due it its obvious symptoms and markers. If your infant’s doctor failed to diagnose them and if they suffer damages as a result, they can be held responsible for their negligence.

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