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Birth Asphyxia

If a child is deprived of oxygen, lifelong disabilities, brain injuries, or worse could occur. This makes birth asphyxia one of the most serious birth injuries a child can suffer. When a child suffers the results of birth asphyxia because a health care provider failed to properly take precautions or necessary actions to prevent it, the family has the right to seek compensation.

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What Is Birth Asphyxia?

If a child does not receive enough oxygen before, during, or immediately following birth it can result in birth asphyxia. This can lead to cerebral palsy since the lack of oxygen in the brain causes brain damage. About 9% of cerebral palsy cases are a result of birth asphyxia. Not all cases of birth asphyxia are caused by medical malpractice, but if a health care provider misses the signs of birth asphyxia they can be held accountable for their negligence.

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