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    3 Causes of Catastrophic Truck Accidents

    Catastrophic Truck Accidents Synder Law Group, LLC

    Synder Law Group, LLC, is here to sort out all of the details for you if you should ever be a victim of a catastrophic truck accident. Here are the top reasons why these accidents happen.

    Catastrophic truck accidents usually never end well. Even if these accidents don’t result in death, injuries from these accidents are typically very severe, require extensive treatment over time, and sometimes cause irreversible effects. These irreversible effects include brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, bone fractures, soft tissue damage, and worst-case scenario. It can be daunting and overwhelming to sort out the complicated problems and regulations to receive adequate pay from such an accident. Part of what makes sorting this out so tricky is figuring out who is responsible for the accident and why it happened. Independent truck drivers could be the issue, the company that hired the truck driver, or maybe the truck was loaded incorrectly. Synder Law Group, LLC, is here to sort out all of the details for you if you should ever be a victim of a catastrophic truck accident. Here are the top reasons why these accidents happen. 

    Driver Fatigue

    The reality is that truck drivers work very long hours. Being on the road for extended periods is never beneficial. The fatigue could come from drivers not getting enough sleep at night or owners of truck companies demanding the delivery of a lot of goods to particular destinations quickly. What often happens is truck drivers barely get any rest in between going from one location to another. 

    Inadequate Training and Truck Maintenance

    It takes a lot of training hours and specific certifications before a truck driver can drive large commercial vehicles on public roads. However, not all truck drivers are skilled or experienced enough. Owners of truck companies are also supposed to ensure that their trucks are in the best condition before they hit the road. However, some owners neglect to do this because of the time and money that it takes. Typically, a lot of owners would rather spend more time getting out more deliveries. Poorly maintained trucks, along with improperly trained drivers, is a recipe for disaster. 


    Physics class teaches you that the more mass an object has, the more it resists changes in motion. A large, heavy truck is harder to slow down, especially when the driver is speeding. If a driver is going 75 miles an hour, makes a sudden stop, and there isn’t a lot of distance between the driver’s truck and the vehicle in front of it, the driver will rear-end that vehicle. Because trucks weigh tons, the result is most likely going to be devastating. Every year, large trucks cause 5,000 fatalities. If you see a massive vehicle on the road speeding, try and distance yourself. If you become a victim of a catastrophic truck accident, Synder them

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