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Benefits of Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors are in a powerful position of trust and have an ethical and legal obligation to treat their patients with dignity, respect, and care. In short, doctors must use medicine to help make their patients better, not worse. When they fail to do so, unsuspecting patients pay the price. When that happens, medical malpractice lawyers enter the scene to advocate for the injured and help ensure that people like you receive the financial support they deserve and need to rebuild their lives. 

As reported by CBS News in 2021, Robert Oshel estimates that about 1.8% of physicians account for more than half of all medical malpractice payouts. Because the medical profession tends to “protect its own,” it falls on injured patients and malpractice lawyers to hold these bad actors accountable. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit may be your only way to secure the compensation you and your family need to move forward. But, you may wonder if you should save money by handling the claim yourself. 

Snyder Law Group, LLC, fights for injured parties and helps them hold at-fault doctors, hospitals, nurses, and other practitioners accountable when they hurt patients. The medical field is a healing profession, and when they fail to live up to their oaths, our Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys aggressively advocate for our clients and help ensure the responsible parties pay for what they did. 

A Lawyer Skillfully Handles the Legal Matters While You Focus on Healing

If you’ve suffered harm because of a doctor, you are likely hurting in many ways. Financially, you’re left to bear the burden of the cost of the original procedure, plus any corrective surgeries. Physically, you may be in pain from the underlying disease or illness for which you sought treatment and the malpractice’s effects. Mentally, you likely feel sadness, anger, and bewilderment, wondering how this could happen. 

A lawyer handles the legal matters on your behalf, giving you space to heal and focus on what matters most to you. They investigate the claim, communicate with third parties and witnesses, gather evidence, and craft legal arguments. While the case progresses, they consult you and keep you informed of the status, but the bulk of the burden does not fall on your shoulders. For victims of surgical errors and other forms of malpractice, this is an immense relief on its own. 

Third Parties Are More Likely to Take You (and Your Claim) Seriously If You Have a Lawyer

An attorney helps to shield you against the practices of unscrupulous insurance companies and at-fault doctors and hospitals. Despite what they may tell you and your family, these parties are out to protect their bottom line and the medical professional’s license. They are not meaningfully considering your best interests and what is a fair offer from your perspective. 

An attorney steps in and acts as a buffer, so you aren’t badgered by these parties and forced to sign a settlement agreement that does not reflect the fair value of your claim. Insurance companies, at-fault hospitals, and doctors tend to change their stories when they must communicate with a knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer. 

Attorneys Understand Washington, DC, and Maryland Malpractice Law

Medical malpractice attorneys understand the intricacies of Washington, DC, and Maryland’s healthcare malpractice law and can craft winning arguments to prove the provider is liable for your injuries. For example, under Maryland law, you must establish that the healthcare provider’s conduct fell below the standard of care of similarly trained practitioners in the same or a similar situation. Washington, DC, imposes similar requirements. A medical malpractice lawyer can help you by thoroughly investigating the claim and meeting the prerequisites to filing a lawsuit, such as consulting a medical expert. 

Lawyers also understand and can help you meet the statute of limitations or filing deadlines imposed by Washington, DC, and Maryland’s laws. The law restricts when you can bring a claim against an at-fault provider, such as a doctor, pharmacist, or hospital. If you do not file the claim within the applicable timeframe, the law may forbid you from ever filing a lawsuit. A Baltimore medical malpractice attorney can help you understand and meet this deadline so you can have an opportunity to fight against those who wronged you. 

Lawyers Negotiate the Claim on Your Behalf

You may receive a settlement offer in response when you file a claim against the at-fault doctor, hospital, or another healthcare provider. In many cases, the other party will attempt to assure you that the proposal is the best they can give you or the highest you can obtain, given the injuries. Often, this is just not true. 

Insurance companies and healthcare providers have one goal: keeping their (or the policyholder’s) credentials and paying out as little as possible. These “quick fix” settlement offers are usually inaccurate, representing far less than the actual value of your claim. For example, insurance companies and at-fault parties typically minimize the injured party’s pain and suffering

The best practice is not to accept these initial offers blindly and instead consult an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. The lawyer can evaluate your claim and the proposed settlement and, using their knowledge, advise you on what you might be entitled to receive in compensation. They can also represent you during negotiations to persuade the other party to accept a fair settlement offer. If the other party refuses to agree to a fair settlement, the lawyer can file a lawsuit and represent you during the trial. 

The Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Argue Your Case in Court

In a perfect world, at-fault doctors, hospitals, and other actors would agree to pay victims fair compensation for their injuries. Unfortunately, many parties refuse to accept a fair settlement, forcing malpractice victims to file a lawsuit and go to court to recover the damages they deserve and are entitled to under the law. 

Preparing for trial and arguing your case in court is no small undertaking. To develop a strategy for this critical stage in the lawsuit, you must investigate the claim, gather crucial evidence, locate essential witnesses and experts to testify on your behalf, and craft legal arguments to persuade the judge or jury that you should win the case. 

With so much on the line, it is better to call on the help of a medical malpractice attorney who routinely handles these types of cases. Lawyers understand what legal arguments to make in court and are familiar with the unique processes of locating and interviewing witnesses to support these complex claims. 

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