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    Birth Injuries: Infant Spinal Cord Damage

    Infant spinal cord damage can potentially affect a child for the duration of their lives.

    The delivery process is both exciting and stressful. When giving birth, there are always risks for complications. Unfortunately, there are a variety of birth injuries that can occur during and after a child is delivered. Here is what you need to know about infant spinal cord damage.

    What is It?

    Infants only account for 5% of all spinal cord damage cases in the U.S. Though it isn’t common, severe damage can impact a child’s life permanently. Infant spinal cord damage can be caused by blunt force trauma or a medical mistake. Most spinal cord injuries in infants occur around the neck area. Typically, the higher the injury is in the body, the more serious the damage will be as a result.

    Childbirth & Spinal Cord Damage

    Typically, infant spinal cord damage occurs as a result of a difficult delivery. Breech deliveries (when the baby comes out feet first) can cause traction on the infant’s trunk, resulting in spinal cord damage. In addition, if stress is put on the infant’s spinal axis or Brachial Plexus nerves, damage can occur as well. Sometimes, the baby’s head can be hyper-extended during breech deliveries or if a forceps and vacuum extraction method has to be used.


    If you believe that your child may be suffering from infant spinal cord damage, here are some of the signs to look out for:

    • Loss of touch sensation
    • Abnormal reflexes
    • Muscle spasms
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Bladder control problems
    • Inability to move
    • Stinging pains around spinal cord

    Long-Term Effects

    With more severe infant spinal cord damage cases, a child may never fully recover. This can result in paralysis, intellectual disabilities, and even wrongful death if the case is too severe. These spinal cord injuries are categorized as complete or incomplete. A complete injury means that there is total loss of sensation and motor functions where the injury occurred, while an incomplete injury means that there is still a way for the brain to send messages to the spinal cord. With incomplete injuries, steroids may be used and the child may be put into a brace that helps the nerves to heal.

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