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Birth Injuries: The Risks of a Delayed C-Section

Birth Injuries: The Risks of a Delayed C-Section snyder law group

About 25% of infants are born through a caesarian section (C-Section)

C-Sections are becoming increasingly common in delivery rooms thorough the United States. About 25% of infants are born through a caesarian section (C-Section). However, while this technique is widespread, medical errors and general negligence still pose an extreme danger to both mother and child. Even more dangerous is a delayed C-section. When doctors wait too long to perform the surgery or when they don’t carefully consider the options, they risk putting everyone’s life at risk. 

Why Do C-Sections Get Delayed?

There are various for a delayed C-section. The most common reason is when doctors notice, too late, that the baby will not fit through the birth canal. It may also occur when labor has to be halted due to a sudden decrease of fluids, a change in the baby’s vitals, or if the placenta detaches from the uterus.

Whenever one of these situations arises, the doctor must immediately devise a plan of action. When the baby is stuck or cut off from oxygen, it increases the risk of birth, especially brain injuries.

Dangers of a Delayed C-Section

Doctors must perform a C-section right away to minimize risk to the baby and the mother. Delayed C-Sections are extremely risky. Doctors must use extreme caution when making incisions; a small mistake with a scalpel could mean cuts and infections. Failing to maneuver the baby properly could cause fractures. If the doctor waits too long to perform the procedure, the baby might lose oxygen. This can lead to brain damage, or, more tragically, the baby could pass away because of a doctor’s negligence or failure to act.

Even more so, trying to rush the procedure can put the mother at risk of bladder injury and uterine rupture from improper medical techniques. Even when the baby’s health is secured, negligent medical care can seriously injure the mother and result in long-lasting injuries.

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It is the responsibility of the doctor or medical professional to perform an emergency C-section when problems develop during labor. Failure to do so can be seen as negligence. At The Snyder Law Group, our Maryland birth injury lawyers are here to help you and your family take the necessary action to get the representation and compensation you deserve. Contact us today to get started.

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Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don’t just sue them. SNYDER THEM

Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don't just sue them. SNYDER THEM

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