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    Common Birth Injury Myths and Their Consequences

    birth injuries in hospital

    It’s easy to pass off a birth injury for something else, or to ignore the fact that it was caused by the very medical professionals to whom you gave your trust.

    Birth injuries are, unfortunately, very common.  It’s easy to pass off a birth injury for something else, or to ignore the fact that it was caused by the very medical professionals to whom you gave your trust.  And, common myths that float around are resulting in unnecessary pain and suffering for many families, who choose to not take action.  However, when your infant suffers a birth injury, the right and just thing to do is to fight for your compensation.  Read on, and see if you’re still believing in any of these birth injury myths.

    Myth #1: That’s just how it is.


    Birth injuries are often considered an unstoppable misfortune.  When the injury has consequences that show symptoms of other ailments that are not preventable, parents don’t see the negligence that medical professionals may have enacted.  For example, cerebral palsy is not always caused by birth injury, but a birth injury can easily lead to forms of cerebral palsy.  So, parents who see symptoms might not automatically assume that the condition is due to medical malpractice.  Keep a close eye on your child, and if you suspect you may have been a victim of negligence, don’t give up hope.


    Myth #2: I should believe my doctor when he says he’s done nothing wrong.


    You should never take the word of a physician when you suspect medical malpractice; if he’s being truthful in his conviction, then that will eventually come to light.  Truth always prevails.  However, medical professionals have a lot to lose when it comes to medical malpractice claims.  They may simply put the blame on your shoulders to avoid insurance issues.  Always follow the proper legal steps.


    Myth #3: It’s impossible to prove.


    If you’ve been wronged, nothing is impossible to prove.  Birth injury experts, medical files, medical staff, and an excellent attorney can all help you to seek the truth about your child’s birth injury.  When you know that your medical professional has acted wrongly, it’s time to take every step to move your case forward.


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