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    Common Brain Injuries That A Patient May Encounter

    Common Brain Injuries That A Patient May Encounter

    Any injury that someone suffers deserves the full attention of a medical staff, but especially brain injuries.

    Any injury that someone suffers deserves the full attention of a medical staff, but especially brain injuries. Clearly, they won’t be as noticeable like other common injuries, yet they have the potential to be devastating. A brain injury can refer to a wide variety of things, as it’s a very broad term in itself. Every part of information is vital for the doctor to know, such as how it occurred, when the pain began, the symptoms you’ve been dealing with, and where you’re feeling off.


    Contrary to popular belief, these can actually occur outside of the NFL. Concussions are dangerous in their own right, especially if they happen repeatedly. They can result from a car accident, or even if you slip and fall. It’s generally due to a quick, sudden impact that the head experiences. The danger comes into play if you don’t receive the proper treatment in a reasonable timeframe, as they can sometimes take an extended amount of time to heal.

    Anoxic Brain Injuries

    Anoxic brain injuries are frightening, as they deal with a severe lack of oxygen flowing to the brain. A lack of oxygen in any atmosphere is scary, but especially when the brain is struggling to receive it. This could result from anything really, but commonly occurs due to mistakes with medication. It’s an alarming proposition, as that could realistically happen to anyone. It’s imperative that medical professionals not only prescribe the right medication for a condition, but also the correct amount. Anoxic brain injuries can easily impair your physical abilities, and even your mental capacity. Whether it’s your memory, vision, or even overall movement, this type of disruption can limit your day-to-day life. If you feel these symptoms occurring after a medical prescription or surgery, it may be a form of malpractice.


    On the other side, hypoxia deals low amounts of oxygen, rather than a complete absence of it. Hypoxia can actually result during the birthing process as well, and leads to forms of birth injury. It’s the process of oxygen not reaching tissues, and when this happens the baby can lose oxygen and stop breathing.

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