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Common Examples Of Medical Malpractice

Common Examples Of Medical Malpractice

Medical staffs are typically experts at their job, but they must be held accountable if a mistake has been made.

Medical malpractice is a common occurrence, and that in itself is an unfortunate situation to recognize. Nobody expects the medical professionals in the hospital to make a mistake, but they consistently happen all around the country. The severity of these cases vary, as some patients suffer difficult consequences, while others are subject to fatality. Medical staffs are typically experts at their job, but they must be held accountable if a mistake has been made. These are some of the common medical malpractice errors that happen every day.

Anesthesia Error

Believe it or not, medical malpractice can occur based off how much anesthesia is administered. In cases of surgery, it can go both ways, whether it’s too much or too little. A clear example is when a doctor fails to give the patient enough anesthesia before the surgery. The patient could be awake for the beginning portion of it and feel everything. A case like that can have grave results, as the patient may suffer extensive trauma following the experience. The opposite end of the spectrum is similar, as too much anesthesia can be especially dangerous.

Wrong Site Surgery

Wrong site surgery is a scary predicament to encounter, and it should really never even happen in the first place. It’s a rare situation, as it involves the surgeon performing the operation on the wrong part of the body. It could be that they operate on the incorrect side, or it may be the correct side but wrong location. This mistake doesn’t happen because surgeons are incompetent, it’s more so a combination of poor communication within a flawed system. The operation site could be unclearly marked or late changes could be made to operating lists. It goes on and on, but it should never happen.

Surgical Tools Left Behind

To the average person or patient, it may seem outrageous that a surgeon could leave a tool in the body after surgery. Well, it is outrageous, and it’s sad that this is a common case. The worst case scenario for a patient is having a tool left in, and then having further damage inflicted during the removal process.

Emergency Room Care

The emergency is a place for, well, emergencies, and they should be treated as such. The biggest form of malpractice in emergency rooms is when patients don’t receive care in a timely manner. Not only does it lead to a potential delayed diagnosis, but patients can suffer fatal consequences if they’re not seen fast enough.

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