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    Common Forms Of Nursing Negligence

    We often associate medical malpractice with doctors, but nursing negligence can occur as well.

    Often times, we associate medical malpractice and negligence with our doctors. However, sometimes the fault is not on the doctor, but on the nurse instead. The nurse has specific duties and failure to do those correctly can lead the nurse to be responsible for a medical malpractice incident. Here are some common forms of nursing negligence.

    Proper Monitoring

    The nurse is responsible for monitoring the patient and keeping track of any changes in their condition. They have to communicate any changes to the doctor so that proper action can be taken. If a nurse fails to assess the patient’s condition properly and that is what leads to the injuries, the nurse is at fault. This can be anything from missing a change in vital signs to not communicating the change they came across to the doctor. A big part of nursing negligence is lack of communication.

    Medication Errors

    The nurses are the ones that give the patient their medication. They have to ensure that the patient is receiving the correct medication as well as the correct dosage. Failure to do this becomes an issue of nursing negligence. This includes making sure that the patient does not have any allergies to medication.

    Routine Procedures

    Nursing negligence can happen with something as simple as performing a routine procedure. This could be something like drawing blood or starting an IV. These are things that nurses have to do all the time so it almost becomes second nature. For that reason, a careless mistake could be made because the nurse wasn’t fully paying attention to what they were doing. If a routine procedure leads to a patient’s injury, then the nurse can be held responsible.


    A nurse has to record pretty much all the information they collect in regards to a patient. The vitals, medication, dosages, changes in condition, reactions to medication, and more have to be documented correctly and in detail. If the nurse doesn’t document the conditions correctly or mistakenly uses the wrong words and abbreviations, there is the chance that harm can be done. For example, if they mistakenly write down the wrong dosage of medication, the patient can be given too much.


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