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Common Types of Hospital Negligence

Common Types of Hospital Negligence snyder law group

When a patient is harmed due to a medical professional’s negligence or mistake, it may be possible to hold the hospital partly or entirely liable.

Not only are hospitals responsible for hiring knowledgeable and skilled medical staff to provide proper care to patients, but these hospitals are also responsible for the actions of each staff member they employ. When a patient is harmed due to a medical professional’s negligence or mistake, it may be possible to hold the hospital partly or entirely liable for the malpractice in question. If you were harmed by negligent medical care, you need to understand what counts as hospital negligence and whether you have such a claim. 

Negligent Hiring

Hospitals can be held directly liable for negligently hiring staff who subsequently commit mistakes that injure a patient. A negligent hiring claim requires proving that the hospital overlooked facts that indicated an employee posed a risk of committing negligence. The hospital is liable for failing to assess the skills of nurses, doctors, and other staff. And if a hospital is understaffed, it is also a concern. If you need urgent care, the lack of staff could lead to delayed care and otherwise preventable consequences. A hospital is almost always busy, and being understaffed is not an excuse.

Faulty Equipment

The equipment and tools used in a hospital are vital to many procedures, which means they must be adequately maintained. However, equipment or system malfunctions are surprisingly common. When a monitor fails to set off an emergency alarm, a patient could enter a life-threatening state without doctors realizing it. This could lead to preventable injuries or death. Maintaining, repairing, and replacing faulty equipment is the hospital’s responsibility. Failure to do that is a clear form of negligence.

Hospital-Acquired Infections

While there is always a risk of infection at hospitals where several ailments are present, patients have a right to expect the hospital to follow proper sanitation procedures to prevent infection. Sterilization is a high priority in a hospital setting. When doctors and staff fail to follow proper cleaning procedures, dangerous infections could spread from patient to patient.

Proving Hospital Negligence

Like other medical malpractice claims, proving you have been the victim of hospital negligence requires proving several vital elements, including:

  • The hospital and staff failed to provide treatment under the standard of care, often defined as treatment decisions that other healthcare providers would make in the same circumstances.
  • The hospital’s failure to adhere to the standard of care caused you to suffer injuries or other physical harm, which would not have occurred for the hospital’s negligence.
  • You suffered losses you can be financially compensated for, such as medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

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Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don’t just sue them. SNYDER THEM.

Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don't just sue them. SNYDER THEM

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