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    The Danger Of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

    The Danger Of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

    These severe cases are mainly seen in children who have been prematurely born, or those who have weakened immune systems.

    The common cold. It’s something we all go through, and it can quickly have you in terrible shape. Now, take the feeling of going through the common cold, and then imagine if a baby or infant had to experience it, only much worse. That’s what Respiratory Syncytial Virus is like, in a nutshell. RSV is an incredibly contagious virus that mostly impacts children from the ages of zero to two years old. For most, it’s simply a cold. The danger comes into play when some situations lead to more severe conditions, such as lung inflammation, which can become life threatening. These severe cases are mainly seen in children who have been prematurely born, or those who have weakened immune systems.

    Common Symptoms

    The symptoms are quite standard, as your child will experience a runny nose or a cough. If your child is having trouble breathing, that’s a different story. At that point, it would be best to visit the pediatrician. RSV can spread to your child through contact with other children if they frequently attend a daycare center. The issue of malpractice can result based on testing, or lack thereof . For example, you’ve visited the pediatrician, and there was no diagnosis but things have only gotten worse. From that point, you go to the ER and explain to them that the case has recently spread around the daycare center, yet they still don’t test for RSV. It’s only later on down the road that your child’s condition has become so severe that the medical staff tests and diagnoses RSV. In some rare cases, that type of delayed care could be costly. Whether it’s RSV or something else, this procedure is what leads to medical malpractice. RSV also produces colored mucus, your child may forego breast or bottle-feeding, or they may suffer from dehydration.

    How To Prevent It?

    In some cases, things are just not able to be prevented, but you can take steps to give your child the best opportunity to remain healthy. Washing hands is crucial, and many parents probably know this. Try to keep your child away from anyone with cold-like symptoms, of course. Finally, the late fall and early spring times represent a higher likelihood of coming down with RSV, so limit their exposure to daycare during these periods.

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