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How to Determine Nursing Home Neglect of an Alzheimer’s Patient


There are occasions where medical malpractice takes place in nursing homes.  This is a rampant problem when it comes to Alzheimer’s patients.

It’s understandable that some families need to invest in nursing home care in order to take proper care of their loved one.  It ensures that the family member will be cared for, properly fed and given all the right necessities and medication.  For many, nursing homes can save heartache, crippling at-home care bills, and the stress of leaving a loved one alone.  However, there are occasions where medical malpractice takes place in nursing homes.  This is a particularly rampant problem when it comes to Alzheimer’s patients.  Read on to find out how you can determine whether or not your loved one is a victim to nursing home neglect.

What is nursing home neglect?


Because you can’t be at the home with your loved one 24/7, you must trust their wellbeing to medical professionals.  However, unsupervised by the family, seedy employees are given the opportunity to cause harm.  There’s also the potential for improper care, misdiagnosis, abandonment, and isolation.  All of these are forms of nursing home neglect.  It can be difficult to determine if your loved one is being neglected when you aren’t with them for most of the day.  However, you can look for a few key signs, especially if your loved one has Alzheimer’s.


What are the signs?


Alzheimer’s patients, and others suffering from a form of dementia, who are suffering from nursing home neglect are at a disadvantage because they cannot voice their abuse.  It’s not always obvious without verbal confirmation that someone is being abused.  But nursing home neglect can be identified in a few key ways.  For example, you can search for any bruises or scratches.  A few shouldn’t indicate any alarm, but large bruises should catch your attention quickly, especially around the face and eyes.  Early stages of the disease should not cause malnutrition, and they should be properly fed at all times.  If you see signs of malnutrition or dehydration, seek aid.  It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on their finances–unexplained loss of funds can indicate bribing, theft, or other forms of abuse.  Alzheimer’s patients are vulnerable to this kind of behavior because they can be easily tricked or manipulated into believing a false reality due to their disease.  Developing medical issues that they did not previously show signs for should also catch your attention.  Conditions such as extreme exhaustion, trouble breathing, or depression and other mental illnesses caused by incorrect medication should be addressed promptly with legal aid.


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