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    Determining Liability in a Delayed Cesarean Section

    If you are considering a lawsuit for C-section medical malpractice, here are some of the people who could be liable.

    Delivering a baby can be a risky process, but no expecting mother or her child deserves to suffer a Medical Malpractice injury. Unfortunately, medical mistakes during childbirth are likely, especially during a Cesarean section. Because a C-section is a surgical procedure, several people are involved who could have contributed to the mistakes that were made. If you are considering a lawsuit for C-section medical malpractice, here are some of the people who could be liable.

    The Doctor

    Since the doctor is the person who most directly interacts with patients, they are often considered first when medical malpractice occurs. A doctor often has to make crucial decisions quickly, including when to provide a C-section. Whether it is a matter of scheduling the correct due date or performing an emergency C-section, the decision is almost always up to the doctor. A delayed C-section occurs when the doctor fails to recognize the signs of maternal or fetal distress. The doctor is also responsible if they don’t complete the procedure in a timely manner.


    The nurse could also be liable for any birth injuries from a delayed C-section. Lack of communication between nurses, technicians, and doctors leads to several medical errors. It is a nurse’s responsibility to monitor the status of the patient and report any changes in their condition to the doctor. Failure to report these updates can lead to delayed treatment.

    The Hospital

    In many cases, the hospital can be liable for a delayed cesarean section. When a hospital doesn’t provide the necessary tools and equipment, then they can easily be liable for contributing to a delayed C-section. For example, if a mother is rushed in for an emergency C-section, but there is no operating room available, then the time it takes for a room to be open could lead to birth injuries that the hospital is liable for.

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