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    Driver Liability in a Truck Accident

    Here are some things to consider about liability if you get into an accident because of a truck driver’s negligence.

    An automobile accident can be one of the worst causes of injuries, especially when it involves a truck. But after a severe truck accident, the question is, where does the liability fall. Sometimes the scenario will be straight forward, but you can’t always be sure. Here are some things to consider about liability if you get into an accident because of a truck driver’s negligence. 

    Truck Company

    In most cases, you might encounter trucks on the road where the driver works under a trucking company. If one of these trucks was involved in your accident, then it’s easy to determine liability. In almost all circumstances, the trucking company would be liable for their employees. Any accident the happens while their truck driver is working for them would be their fault legally. This case makes it simple enough to sue the trucking company. 

    Independent Contractor

    On the other side of the spectrum are independent contractors. These are privately owned truck drivers who use their own vehicle to deliver freight on a commission. It can be trickier to determine liability in these cases because the truck driver is not a fully contracted employee of the trucking company that they delivered for at the time. You will need to have a lawyer look deeper into the situation and the relationship between the truck driver and the company to determine which party is more liable or if both are at fault.

    Maryland Truck Law

    While it is different in many states, truck accidents are considered acts of negligence under Maryland law. Also, because contributory negligence is also a factor in Maryland lawsuits, every element of the accident will need to be thoroughly examined, including the weather and traffic conditions and the traffic regulations in that area. Because truck drivers also have an additional set of rules to follow, such as the amount of rest required between jobs, that will influence liability.

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