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    The economic impact of cerebral palsy

    The Economic Impact Of Cerebral Palsy

    With cerebral palsy, not only is the child impacted for the rest of life, but the parents and siblings are as well.

    Cerebral palsy is a known condition, however it’s still somewhat of a rarity for most. The general population do not understand the complexities of dealing with it, or how it can shape a family’s life. With cerebral palsy, not only is the child impacted for the rest of life, but the parents and siblings are as well. The condition, which can stem from medical malpractice, is actually expensive to undertake.

    What Is Cerebral Palsy?

    Cerebral palsy, commonly a result of birth injury, is a condition in which muscle coordination is impaired, as damage was inflicted on the brain before, during, or after birth. It is the most frequent developmental disability to occur among children in the Unites States, and it has remained that way despite advancements in technology and procedure. The CDC believes that about eight to ten thousand babies will be struck with cerebral palsy each year. With how much attention the condition requires, the costs can be astronomical.

    Medical Expenses

    As a parent to a child with cerebral palsy, there’s a lot of treatment that needs to be done. You will have regular appointments with your doctor or those who are specialists in the field. Beyond that, you will have consistent therapy sessions to attend, whether they’re focused on the physical aspect or speech. You’ll also have to worry about medication, and even the lengthy testing that takes place. This is just one form of expense, as they take care of the most basic needs for someone with cerebral palsy.

    Other Expenses

    Aside from the aforementioned medical expenses, there are also additional costs that will come into play. Having a child with this condition, you’ll have to account for your vehicular situation, and how it will differ to accommodate. You may need to enroll in a special education program, or you may have to employ a specific, daily attendant to care for you child. These costs account for 80%(!) of the nation’s combined costs toward cerebral palsy. One expense that is not documented in detail is the possibility of future earnings. When medical negligence occurs and a baby suffers from cerebral palsy, their earning potential is significantly cut. If your family has to deal with these expenses, you can seek legal help to receive compensation.

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