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Who Is At Fault For A Delayed Cesarean Section?

If your delayed cesarean section led to birth injuries, it is important to know who is at fault

Medical Malpractice is bad enough, but when it involves your child, that can be a whole different type of worry. As a parent, you should know who specifically was at fault if your child suffered a birth injury at the hands of the doctors. Sometimes, a delayed cesarean section can cause injuries to newborns and that is certainly deemed a form of medical malpractice. Consider the following when determining which party is responsible for negligence.


Often, we look to the person who directly interacts with the patient, which is the doctor. When it comes to a delayed cesarean section, there could be other people at fault. The doctor becomes liable for this issue when it was their lack of judgment that led to the delay. This can happen if the doctor fails to recognize the signs of maternal or fetal distress. They are also responsible if they waited too long to perform the surgery or didn’t finish it in a timely fashion.


The nurse can be responsible for birth injuries because of a delayed C-section if they did not communicate effectively. The nurses are responsible for checking in on the status of the patient. They then must report any updates or changes to the doctor. If they fail to monitor or report any changes to the doctor, then it becomes the nurses fault.


The technician is rarely the first person we consider when it comes to medical malpractice, but they play an important role as well. They must perform tests on the patient depending on the condition. Failure to perform the tests correctly can result in a delayed cesarean section and lead to the technician being held liable. Also, like the nurse, they must report test results back to the doctors for them to carry on with next steps. If they do not communicate results to the doctor, then they are also deemed at fault for the incident.


The hospital can be responsible for a delayed cesarean section as well. This happens when they don’t have the necessary tools available to perform the surgery. If you get to the hospital and they don’t have a doctor, or an operating room open for the surgery to happen, then the hospital is held liable for the birth injuries caused.

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