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Four Signs Of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home residents should always receive proper care. Justice should be served for any victims of nursing home neglect.

When you send your loved one to a nursing home, you want them to receive the best care possible. They should be treated with the utmost respect and care. However, this is not always the case. It is sad that nursing home negligence is even an issue at all, but that is the reality of it. There are nursing homes out there that are neglecting and even abusing their residents. Justice should be received for any resident that is being neglected in a nursing home. Here are six signs of nursing home negligence.

Poor Hygiene

A lot of nursing home residents need assistance with their personal hygiene. This includes anything from bathing to getting dressed to doing their hair. It is the nurses job to make sure that these residents are receiving the help that they need to keep themselves clean. If a person is being neglected, nobody will help them to carry out these daily tasks and so they won’t get done. If you notice that your loved one’s hygiene is not in the best condition, this may be a sign of neglect.

Physical Problems

If there is neglect taking place in a nursing home, residents probably aren’t receiving the nutrients that they need. Some people need help eating or need reminders to eat and drink. With the lack of proper supervision, residents could end up malnourished or dehydrated.  This could mean a trip to the emergency room as a direct result of nursing home negligence so make sure you are paying attention to any drastic physical changes.

Loss Of Mobility

It is the nurses job to ensure that residents are active and moving around, even if it is difficult for them. Nursing homes cater to the elderly population so a lot of them do have trouble moving freely on their own. A lot of facilities have walking programs that help to keep residents active and build their strength. If there is neglect happening, residents may be left in bed for days at a time which Is not good for their bodies. Without consistent movement, they could lose more of their mobility function and can even be at risk for bedsores and infections.


Negligence is bad enough, but sometimes there is also physical abuse that takes place in nursing homes. If you notice that your loved one has any bruises or head injuries, this is a serious sign that abuse is taking place. In some cases, the nurses may have inflicted these injuries themselves from being too rough with residents. On the other hand, this could be a result of negligence as well. If the nurses aren’t there to help residents carry out daily tasks, they are inclined to do it themselves, even if they shouldn’t be. This could result in them falling, which is a common cause of injuries in older people.

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