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    Harmful Misconceptions Surrounding Wrongful Death Claims

    wrongful death

    If your loved one has passed away due to the mistakes of others, it’s important that you start looking for the help you really need to compensate your hardship.

    Medical malpractice claims are not the first thing on someone’s mind when they experience a tragic event.  This is especially true for situations that include a wrongful death.  Grief and mourning may prevent family and friends from reaching out for justice.  However, if your loved one has passed away due to the mistakes of others, it’s important that you start looking for the help you really need to compensate your hardship.  Read on for more information about the misconceptions surrounding wrongful death claims.

    What is a Wrongful Death Claim?


    It’s not uncommon for a patient to pass away even while they are under medical care.  Forces and factors can extend beyond what a medical professional is able to solve, and despite best efforts, it could result in tragedy.  However, there are specific cases in which it’s important to look for signs of negligence.  For instance, if your loved one took a trip to their doctor’s office six months prior for an x-ray, and then was rushed to the hospital 2 months later due to serious lung cancer, that means the first doctor was negligent, and neglected to properly diagnose the patient.  A plaintiff in this case must prove that the cause of death was due to a doctor’s obvious negligence, whether it be improper care or obvious misdiagnosis.


    Was it an Accident?


    Human error is unavoidable, even in the medical field.  It is impossible to prevent every mistake; however, placing your life into a doctor’s hands is a big step.  You must trust that their years of experience allow them to make the best decisions that will save your life.  When a mistake leads to the death of a loved one, whoever is responsible needs to compensate for their actions.  Even if maliciousness was not involved or intended, a medical professional can still be at fault for a wrongful death claim.


    Can Life Insurance Help?


    If your loved one had some form of life insurance, it can definitely aid you when they pass away if you depended on their for your lifestyle.  However, sometimes, it’s not enough to truly cover what you deserve in terms of compensation.  And, life insurance doesn’t address the serious grief and emotional trauma that comes with losing a loved one due to a medical mistake.  You could also make a claim to cover any loss of future income.


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