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How Can You Help Your Medical Malpractice Case?

We want to help make your medical malpractice case go a little smoother.

Dealing with medical malpractice can be tough because you now have to worry about both your health and getting justice for the negligence. This can be a stressful process, especially if your health problems are continuing. A lot of people are unaware of just how much goes into lawsuits so here are some ways to help make your medical malpractice case go a little smoother.

Preparation Is Key

Make sure that you are prepared for your first consultation with any and every relevant document that can help your case. This can include photos, copies of bills, medical records, and pay stubs to show how much money you had to spend because of the medical malpractice. The more evidence you have to prove your case, the better. This will give you a better chance of winning and give your lawyer more to work with to assess and present your case successfully.

Long Journey Ahead

What a lot of people don’t realize is how long it takes to settle a case. T.V shows and books make it seem like lawsuits are settled in a few days or weeks, but that is rarely ever the case. It could take anywhere from a few months, which is more often the average time, to even years in some situations. To ensure that your medical malpractice case goes smoothly during this long period of time, make sure that you are actively communicating with your lawyer. Anything from a change in phone number or address to a change in your medical condition need to be reported to your lawyer.

Don’t Wait!

There is a statute of limitations that varies from state to state. It is the amount of time that you have to take legal action for an incident before it becomes invalid. If you wait too long to report an incident of medical malpractice, you will no longer be able to sue the doctor or hospital for your damages. Make sure that you report the incident as soon as it happens or shortly after to avoid this risk. This also helps in ensuring that action is taken as soon as possible so that you can be compensated appropriately and are able to treat your condition appropriately.

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The Snyder Law Group, LLC, proudly represents clients throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our experienced Baltimore attorneys understand the frustration that comes with an insurance company, medical professional, or other party that refuses to accept liability for negligent or reckless behavior. You can take heart in knowing there are talented and experienced lawyers ready to work for you. We are experienced in handling personal injury claims of medical malpractice or injury resulting from serious car and truck accidents and have secured hundreds of millions in verdicts settlements*. Give us a call at (410)-843-3476 for a free case evaluation. You can also visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn for more information.

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