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    How to Proceed in a Slip and Fall Personal Injury Case

    It can be difficult to prove liability in a slip and fall injury. Here are a few steps to take to make sure that you make the best choices for your claim.

    A slip and fall is an unexpected and potentially devastating injury. It can be especially difficult to know how to proceed in creating a personal injury case after a slip and fall. Because they are both common and very unpredictable, it can also be difficult to prove liability in a slip and fall injury. Here are a few steps to take to make sure that you make the best choices for your claim.

    Prepare a Clear Statement

    First of all, you will need to report the incident as soon as possible. It is extremely important to provide as much detail as you can and to collect any information that will help you and your lawyer explain what happened. This includes taking pictures of the area you fell as well as describing the hazards present. And if there were any witnesses, be sure to collect their contact information in the likely case that they may need to testify on your behalf. Having a clear statement detailing your slip and fall will increase the chances of you winning the case.

    Determine Liability

    Part of what makes a slip and fall case so tricky is determining who was truly at fault. After all, people accidentally fall all the time from their own error, such as by not paying attention. You will need to prove that full liability goes to the property owner to receive compensation for your fall. If your fall was caused by a hazard that the property owner failed to fix or provide a warning for, then that makes them at fault. An example of this is the failure to put up a sign for a wet floor or an unexpected step. However, you must also consider if you were in a part of the property you weren’t authorized access to, or if your behavior could be seen as a key contributing factor to the fall.

    Note the Severity of the Injury

    Although minor injuries from a slip and fall are reason enough to file a claim, if your fall led to a significant impairment to your previous way of life then it gives you a much stronger case. Much like with any personal injury claim, you will need to be able to prove how this injury has negatively affected you. This is why documenting every detail of the event is crucial. Make sure to see a doctor soon after your fall, so that their report can back up your case.

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