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The Impact Of Delayed Treatment

The Impact Of Delayed Treatment

A common issue occurring is the process of delayed treatment, resulting in a variety of negative consequences.

When going to a doctor or hospital, we expect nothing but the best. There’s an inherent level of trust already built up between doctor and patient. The assumption is that those caring for us at our sickest time will remedy the problem, and we’ll be able to walk away in better condition than when arriving. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as those caring for us at the hospital are prone to making mistakes. These mistakes, no matter what size, can have a grave result on a patient’s health. A common issue occurring is the process of delayed treatment, resulting in a variety of negative consequences.

What is Delayed Treatment?

Delayed Treatment is known as untimely assessments of evolving symptoms or changes in a patient’s condition, and/or a delay in definitive treatment. In other words, it is when a doctor takes an evaluation of your current health and does not consider the severity of your condition, leading to a delay in the care you should actually be receiving. It could be something as simple as a nurse or doctor not accurately assessing your vital signs. The reason this is medical malpractice, and why it is so problematic, is because these situations can lead to future harm, or even fatality if the condition is severe enough. A faulty assessment can also lead to a situation of mistreatment.

Why Does This Occur?

The idea of this dilemma is something we should not have to worry about, but the importance of understanding what’s happening in the hospital cannot be stressed enough. Delayed treatment is a direct result of three things:

  • Lack of understanding regarding the patient’s symptoms
  • Failure to properly assess the severity of the patient’s condition
  • Failure to follow-up with the patient

How Should I Prepare in the Event This Happens?

Even with these setbacks, hospitals have provided warning systems to alert nurses or doctors about a patient. While it’s fantastic that these systems are in place, they still have a tendency to be ignored by caregivers. This complacency in reacting to a monitor warning could have a tragic result, and a primary reason this happens is due to assumption. Those caring for you do not always search for the fact, and instead they assume their knowledge and assessment is correct. No matter what the situation may be, if your condition worsened due to delayed treatment, that is a form of malpractice.

The Snyder Law Group Can Provide You With The Support You Need Due To Delayed Treatment.

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