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Is It Too Late to Sue for Medical Malpractice?

Here at the Snyder Law Group, we’ve dealt with countless medical malpractice cases in the state of Maryland. We have a proven track record of success, having earned hundreds of millions in verdicts and settlements on behalf of victims of medical negligence. In our years of experience, we’ve seen quite a few myths about medical malpractice lawsuits. One of these is people assuming it is too late to sue for an injury that occurred over a year ago. Today, we’re going to explain how the statute of limitations works in Maryland.

Is It Too Late to Sue for Medical Malpractice?

Is it too late to sue for medical malpractice? Today, we’ll explain how the statute of limitations works in Maryland.

What Is the Statute of Limitations?

If you don’t know the first thing about law, you might be wondering: what exactly is a ‘statute of limitations,’ anyway?

Simply put, the statute of limitations refers to the period of time in which you can initiate legal action for a civil or criminal offense. The law has significant variances from state to state. For our purposes, we will be referring specifically to Maryland’s statute of limitations. Generally, however, the time period is anywhere from 1 to 6 years, depending on circumstances and locality.

You may find yourself asking why this law exists. Essentially, the statute of limitations is in place to make sure that the evidence is still strong. The law exists to help you, the plaintiff.

Is it Too Late?

Now that we’ve defined the term, let’s get down to business. What is the statute of limitations in Maryland? That depends.

In the state of Maryland, you can generally sue for medical malpractice up to 5 years after the injury, or within 3 years of the date that the injury was discovered—whichever time span was shorter. This means that you can almost never sue after 5 years have passed since the injury, with few exceptions.

There is, however, a quirk in the Maryland law that protects minors harmed by medical malpractice, such as victims of birth injuries. In this case, the clock does not begin ticking until the victim reaches the age of 18. This means that they have until their 21st birthday to file a lawsuit.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you can have time to sue for medical malpractice, contact us for a free case evaluation.

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Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don’t just sue them. SNYDER THEM.


Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don't just sue them. SNYDER THEM

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