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    Medical Malpractice: Contributory Negligence

    In the state of Maryland, the pure contributory negligence rule applies to medical malpractice cases.

    Medical Malpractice cases are known to be some of the most complex and difficult to prove. This is because these cases almost always require expert testimony, include a lot of medical terminology, and are up against hospitals and medical professionals that are working hard to protect their business. Contributory negligence is an important factor in medical malpractice cases in Maryland. Here is what you need to know.

    A Patient’s Negligence

    In a medical malpractice case, the patient is typically suing their health care provider for negligence that led to their injuries. However, a common defense used is that the patient’s negligence contributed to their harm. A patient can be negligent by providing false information about their health history, not following their health care provider’s instructions, lying about the nature of their injuries, and/or doing things that worsen their health condition or injury.

    Pure Contributory Negligence

    Different states have different rules regarding contributory and comparative negligence. In Maryland, the pure contributory negligence rule applies. This means that if the patient had ANY part in their worsened conditions or injuries, they can’t recover any damages from the malpractice. If a patient is suing their provider for a delayed diagnosis, but they failed to show up for multiple appointments, they contributed to the negligence and therefore, their claim is invalid. This means that even a patient who is only 1% responsible for their injuries is completely barred from recovering any damages.

    Last Clear Chance Doctrine

    In those states that follow the pure contributory negligence rule, there is also a last clear chance doctrine. This means that if the health care provider had the last apparent opportunity to avoid the injury and failed to do so. Even if the patient contributed to the negligence, they can still receive damages if they can prove that the doctor had the last clear chance to prevent the injury.

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