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Medical Malpractice: Nursing Negligence

Nurses have a key role in a patient’s health and care. Nursing negligence can lead to serious injuries or even wrongful death of a patient.

When a medical malpractice incident occurs, the first person we probably look to blame is our doctor. However, there are quite a few people that can be responsible for medical malpractice. Nurses play a vital role in ensuring that we get the proper care we need. Here is some more information on nursing negligence and medical malpractice.

Standard of Care

Every doctor and nurse are under oath to follow a reasonable standard of care when dealing with patients. This means that they are providing the best care possible to the patient in any given situation. Nursing negligence comes into play when the standard of care is violated. This means that in the same situation, another competent nurse would have done things differently and avoided the malpractice that occurred as a result.

Common Examples

Nursing negligence can occur in many different ways, but here are some of the most common forms:

  • Failure to properly monitor the patient’s vitals or communicate changes to the doctor
  • If the nurse doesn’t take immediate action when unexpected emergencies take place (i.e. giving medication or calling the doctor)
  • Giving the wrong dosage of medicine or the wrong medication altogether  
  • Not properly filling out the patient’s medical chart
  • Medical equipment errors


Nurses are often employees of the hospital so when nursing negligence occurs, the hospital itself is typically the defendant. If the patient was injured during the nurse’s care or while the nurse was being supervised by a doctor employed by the hospital can be held liable. However, if the supervising doctor is an independent contractor and not a hospital employee, then the doctor can be held responsible. The doctor’s liability depends on if they were present during the incident and the authority that they had.


In order to successfully prove nursing negligence and receive damages, you must prove that the malpractice occurred, that there is a party liable for the malpractice, and that the victim suffered injuries as a direct result of the negligence.

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