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    Medication Errors: 3 Different Kinds

    If you’re like most Americans, you place quite a bit of trust in medical professionals. But, in spite of their extensive training, doctors are not immune from making mistakes. Medical malpractice is all too common. Experts at Johns Hopkins University have estimated that it claims more than 250,000 lives every year in the U.S., and injures many more. Medication errors are among the most common forms of medical malpractice. Today, we’ll explain 4 different kinds.

    medication errors snyder law group

    Medication errors are among the most common forms of medical malpractice. Today, we’ll explain 4 different kinds.

    The Incorrect Medication

    When prescribed correctly, medication can help you recover from illness and injury. But it has to be the proper medication. All too often, doctors prescribe their patients the wrong form of medication. This could result either from a misdiagnosis or simple carelessness.

    Not all instances of a doctor prescribing the wrong medication constitute medical malpractice. But if you can prove that their medication error resulted in financial, physical, or psychological damage, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

    The Wrong Dose

    But even if a doctor prescribes the right medication, there are still numerous ways in which it can go wrong. Another one of the most common medication errors occurs when a doctor prescribes the wrong dose of a medication.

    This can go in one of two ways: the doctor can prescribe either too much medication, or too little. Both of these medication errors are harmful, but in different ways. Too little medication could slow down the patient’s recovery and cause them unnecessary pain. On the other hand, too much medication could lead to a slew of harmful side effects.

    Neglecting to Check Patient’s Medical History

    Prescribing medication isn’t something that doctors should take lightly. Failure to do proper research into their patient’s medical history before prescribing a drug can constitute medical malpractice—especially when it results in medication errors or other damages.

    Before prescribing any medication, your doctor should ensure that you aren’t taking other medications that could interact negatively with it. The same goes for any medications you have a history of taking. Finally, they should verify that you don’t have any known allergies to the drug.

    If you’ve been the victim of a medication error, the medical malpractice experts at The Snyder Law Group are here to help.

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