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Nursing Home Negligence: When Can You Sue?

It is the duty of the nursing home to take proper care of their residents throughout their stay.

When you move your loved one into a nursing home, you want them to be cared for the same way that they would be at home. This is not an unrealistic expectation because the nursing home has a duty of care to their residents to provide them with only the best care. When they fail to do this, it is referred to as nursing home negligence and justice should be served when this occurs. Here is when you can sue for nursing home negligence.

Failure to Secure Premises

Aside from the actual care of the residents, nursing homes are also responsible for ensuring that their building is safe and free of any potential hazards. This is so important when working with elderly people because some of them have mobility restrictions and have trouble getting around. If there are dangers that the staff are aware of and haven’t fixed, this is an example of negligence. This means cleaning up any leaks to prevent slip and fall accidents and other things such as de-escalating conflicts so that residents don’t attack one another. If they fail to secure the premises and an injury results, they can be sued.

Negligent Hiring

Nursing home employees really make or break the experience for the residents because they are the ones interacting with them on a daily basis. Negligent hiring means that you hired someone without doing the proper research and ensuring that they were properly qualified for the position. If a nursing home hires an employee that ends up abusing, neglecting, or harming a resident, the nursing home may be sued.

Failure to Provide Proper Medical Treatment

Nursing home residents typically need to take certain medications throughout the day. In addition, medical treatment should be provided to a resident that gets sick or needs other medical assistance. If the nursing home neglects to give the resident their proper medication or treat them when they are sick, this could also be qualified as a medical malpractice case against the medical professional that treated them or the nursing home facility.

Negligent Supervision

Elderly people are typically placed into nursing homes because of the fact that they need extra care and supervision. It is the responsibility of the nursing home to ensure that the employees are providing the proper supervision to their residents. Without this, residents may fall or injure themselves in other ways trying to carry out daily tasks that they are supposed to have assistance with.

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