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Recognizing the Signs of an Undiagnosed Birth Injury

Recognizing the Signs of an Undiagnosed Birth Injury snyder law group

Understanding the physical and developmental signs of an undiagnosed birth injury is essential.

Some birth injuries may be evident in the delivery room, such as cuts, swelling, breathing problems, and seizures. However, there are many situations where the mother or baby may experience symptoms days or months after delivery. Because these signs are so delayed, many may not realize this results from an injury during delivery.

Understanding the physical and developmental signs that may indicate an undiagnosed birth injury is essential. While many symptoms may be undiscovered at the time of delivery, they could become more severe if left untreated.

Physical Symptoms

Many birth injuries exhibit physical symptoms immediately after birth. Physical signs can include bruising, swelling, or abrasions anywhere on the infant’s body. This is especially common around the shoulders, head, and face if the child was stuck in the birth canal or if it was a difficult labor. These symptoms could indicate an injury, like a broken bone. Trouble breathing, seizures, low heart rate, and low oxygen levels are physical symptoms of a birth injury.

Coordination Issues

If your child has struggled with their coordination or balance from birth, this could be due to a birth injury. These issues often signify brain or nerve damage. Common examples include weak or absent reflexes in a newborn; not walking or crawling between 12 and 24 months; not bringing objects to the mouth or passing objects between hands; a lack of muscle control; and not being able to crawl, walk, sit or stand without assistance. A general lack of bodily movements in your child could also signify a birth injury.

Developmental Delays

Some birth injuries are not discovered until years later when a child should be learning and developing but is struggling to keep up with their peers. You should consult a doctor if you notice signs of an intellectual disability, such as poor memory retention, no speech development, or the inability to understand complete sentences. Your child may have suffered a brain injury during labor and delivery or shortly after birth that impaired cognitive function.

Did Medical Negligence Cause Your Child’s Birth Injury?

Sometimes birth injuries are caused by medical error or negligence. Doctors who acted negligently during or after delivery should be held accountable. Negligence that can occur during birth includes the following:

  • Incorrect use of forceps or vacuum extractors
  • Delay in emergency C-section
  • Prenatal diagnostic mistakes
  • Failing to recognize fetal distress

When complications during pregnancy are not correctly diagnosed, they often result in birth injuries. It is the healthcare provider’s responsibility to discover these complications and manage them. If you notice these signs or symptoms after birth, immediately bring them to your doctor’s attention for treatment. If a doctor or other medical professional caused a preventable birth injury by neglecting to take action, you might have a valid medical malpractice case. Contact the Snyder Law Group today to learn more.

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Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don’t just sue them. SNYDER THEM.

Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don't just sue them. SNYDER THEM

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