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The Snyder Law Group Represents Family of Man Killed By Baltimore Squeegee Worker

Family of man killed by squeegee worker sends notice of intent to file suit against Baltimore City Leaders for gross negligence in the murder of Timothy Reynolds

Plaintiffs say Reynolds death would have been prevented had these organizations done their job.

Baltimore, MD (Aug. 24, 2022)- Nearly two months after Timothy Reynolds was brutally gunned down by a squeegee worker at one of Baltimore’s busiest intersections, Reynolds’ family has sent notice of their intent to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the City of Baltimore, the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office, Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott, the Baltimore Police Department, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, the Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City and Marilyn Mosby, State’s Attorney for Baltimore City.

Reynolds was killed on July 7 at Light and Conway Streets. As part of the suit, Reynolds’ widow, Shannon along with his three children and parents claim the defendants acted with gross negligence, failing to protect the citizens, residents and visitors of Baltimore from a known danger.

“Unfortunately, these issues in Baltimore City are out of control,” says Michael B. Snyder, counsel for the Reynolds’ family. “City officials can’t stand by and allow this illegal activity to continue anymore. Choosing not to enforce laws, make arrests and prosecute offenders, who knowingly put the public at risk, is beyond negligence, it’s gross negligence.”

According to the media, on the day of Mr. Reynolds murder, police had been notified of squeegee kids harassing people at the same intersection where Mr. Reynolds was shot in the back and killed. Upon investigation, these squeegee workers were allowed to stay at the location and continue to congregate and force themselves upon citizens. The notice of claim alleges that the Defendants failed to put a stop to the illegal activities which placed Mr. Reynolds and others in an unreasonably dangerous situation and he would not have been injured and would not have died had authorities taken steps to keep the community safe.

“The defendants swore to protect and uphold the laws of Maryland and this great country,” says Scott A. Snyder, counsel for the Reynolds family. “They failed to provide Mr. Reynolds with the protections and basic human rights that he was entitled to through the Constitution of the United States. Their failure and reckless disregard for safety cost him his life.”

“Tim had the type of personality that lit up every room he entered. He was kind, generous, charming, funny, and loyal to those he loved,” says his wife Shannon. “He was a devoted family man who loved [me and his] children. He also loved the city of Baltimore and was an avid Baltimore sports fan. We are beyond devastated, and this loss has left a void in our life that can never be replaced.” Mr. Reynolds grew up in Baltimore City and graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. He received his bachelor’s degree from UMBC and his master’s from Johns Hopkins University. He eventually went on to become a board-certified engineer.

See the report from WJZ-13 CBS Baltimore:


To schedule an interview with the attorneys or to get a copy of the full claim letter, please contact counsel for the Reynolds family, Michael B. Snyder ( or Scott A. Snyder ( at 410-THE-FIRM (410-843-3476).

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