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    Strokes In The ER

    Strokes In The ER

    If a stroke is misdiagnosed, it could potentially be life threatening.

    The emergency room is a hectic place, and its function is to assist those in immediate need of medical attention and aid. With this in mind, it’s important for medical professionals to be accurate with their work, as lives can sometimes be on the line. A crucial aspect of the ER is the diagnosis. After assessing the symptoms and current condition of a patient, a diagnosis will be made, and that sets forth the following procedures. Unfortunately, misdiagnosis is a serious issue, and strokes are consistently misdiagnosed among ER patients. If a stroke is misdiagnosed, it could potentially be life threatening.

    Stroke Misdiagnosis

    According to recent studies, strokes are misdiagnosed anywhere from 15,000 to 65,000 times per year. That’s a staggering statistic, and it goes to show the severity of this problem. The risk of stroke increases substantially when a patient is experiencing dizziness, as it’s a typical theme with stroke patients. The only issue is that dizziness can occur with plenty of other conditions, which is why an accurate diagnosis can be made difficult. This similarity in symptoms is what leads people to be misdiagnosed.

    What Is The Outcome?

    Strokes are not always large, as some people can have them and move on, or they may not even actually feel them. They have the ability to leave a massive impact, however, as strokes can intensify to the point that it leads to paralysis or fatality. This highlights the importance of a proper diagnosis, because the earlier it’s detected, the better the treatment will be in preventing any further harm. Medical malpractice cases occur when a stroke is misdiagnosed (or there’s a failure in diagnosing), and patients end up suffering the consequences after the fact. This leads to expensive hospital dues and future medical bills that are basically unattainable. That’s why seeking compensation for a misdiagnosis is important, because it can help you down the road.

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