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The Most Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Here are some common areas where truck driving accidents occur.

Commercial trucks are the biggest vehicles on the road, which is why there are specific regulations to help make sure they safely share the road. But even the most careful drivers can have a lapse of judgment that can lead to a dangerous accident. Here are some common areas where truck driving accidents occur.

Distracted Driving

As much as you have heard warnings against using a cellphone while driving, you can imagine how much worse it is to be a distracted truck driver. But cellphones aren’t the only culprit. A truck driver can be distracted when they go on an unfamiliar road, or when they become fatigued from long hours of driving. If a truck driver isn’t paying attention to road signs, such as the speed limit, that can further increase the risk of getting into an accident.

Bad Weather

Adverse weather conditions are especially hazardous for large semi trucks. Rain and ice create slick roads that reduce traction and make it even more difficult to steer large vehicles. And there are several other unexpected risks that bad weather can bring, such as potholes and flooding. Even high winds on an otherwise clear day can be dangerous for commercial trucks, because their larger surface area allows the wind to beat at them to the point where it is difficult to control.

Vehicle Condition

A truck driver has a responsibility to make sure that their vehicle is road safe, but when they aren’t held accountable sometimes certain critical components can go overlooked. A truck’s brakes receive a lot more strain because of the amount of weight they have to stop compared to an automobile. And tires are another easily forgotten part of a truck that can affect how safely it handles on the road.

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