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    The Importance of Eyewitness Testimony in a Car Accident Claim

    The Importance of Eyewitness Testimony in a Car Accident Claim snyder law group

    Gathering relevant eyewitness information can make or break your car accident case.

    If you are injured in a vehicle accident, you may be able to build a lawsuit against the other driver for all resulting damages. However, to file a successful claim, you must first prove the other party was at fault. In most car accident claims, the most vital piece of evidence is typically eyewitness testimony. Gathering relevant eyewitness information can make or break your car accident case. Let’s go over the importance of gathering eyewitness statements at the scene.

    Who Can Be an Eyewitness?

    An eyewitness is anyone who was present at the time of the accident and observed the events before, during, and after the crash. It is important to select the right eyewitness to help strengthen your claim to prevent the insurance companies from hurting your credibility and the witness’s credibility. These people may include:

    • People in nearby homes or businesses
    • Other drivers on the road
    • Passengers in other vehicles
    • Pedestrians in the vicinity of the crash
    • People who stopped to help

    Eyewitness Testimony Ensures Accuracy

    Eyewitnesses testimony provides the most detailed statements immediately following the incident. The more time that passes between the incident and when you obtain the testimony, the less reliable the information will be. Therefore, you should always gather testimony as soon as it is safe to do so.

    Eyewitness Testimony Corroborates Events

    After a car accident, everyone involved has their own version of the incident. Therefore, it is a good idea to support your retelling of events with statements from unbiased third parties. Eyewitnesses testimony is usually impartial and relatively reliable because witnesses don’t need to spin the story in their favor. Make sure to get witnesses’ names and contact information for your records. The other driver may change their story after talking with their insurer, so you must document what happened.

    Eyewitness Testimony Helps Negotiations

    Your testimony alone will not contribute to a strong claim, especially if you take the case to court. If the other party knows you have witness statements detailing the actual events, they may be persuaded to negotiate for a fair settlement. When you have enough evidence to prove fault during a trial, the defendant will likely want to avoid court at all costs.

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    Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don’t just sue them. SNYDER THEM.

    Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don't just sue them. SNYDER THEM

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