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The Most Common Causes of Misdiagnosis

Medical doctors have more education than those in just about any other discipline. It goes without saying that we should be able to trust them with our health and safety. But sometimes they betray that trust. Medical malpractice takes place with disturbing frequency in the United States, and it can take many forms. One of these is misdiagnosis. Doctors are human and prone to making mistakes. But what, exactly, causes misdiagnosis?

The Most Common Causes of Misdiagnosis

Medical doctors receive more schooling than any other profession. But misdiagnosis is all too common.

Lack of Experience

By the time is a doctor is legally permitted to practice, they have already built up significant experience under their belt from medical school. Still, there is a big difference between a medical professional just out of school and one who has been practicing for decades.

A lack of experience is one of the most common causes of misdiagnosis. Sometimes what you were taught in school can look a lot different when you experience it in the field. Not every instance of a disease or disorder is a textbook one.

You should keep in mind that this can go the other way, too. Sometimes grizzled veterans of the medical world can be overconfident in their experience, causing a misdiagnosis.

Changing Understandings About Diseases and Disorders

This year has highlighted how rapidly the world of health and medicine can change. What emerged a year ago on the other side of the globe has taken countless lives in the United States.

Our understanding of the world’s diseases and disorders changes constantly. For instance, another viral infection—shingles—was thought to impact primarily the elderly when most of today’s doctors were in school. Now, it has shifted to become more associated with college students. This and other similar changes are a common cause of misdiagnosis.

Improper Testing

Typically, medical professionals rely on their patients’ symptoms to come to an initial diagnosis. But in many cases, these aren’t enough. A fever and a sore throat can indicate any number of illnesses.

Testing is a crucial part of coming to a proper diagnosis. One of the most common causes of misdiagnosis is when the right tests are not ordered. They could also be improperly administered or not ordered at all. A diligent doctor will use every resource available to make sure they get the diagnosis right, and give their patients the care and attention they need.

Whatever causes misdiagnosis, its consequences can be severe. Here at the Snyder Law Group, we will not stand for negligent medical professionals harming their patients. If you’re looking for a misdiagnosis lawyer in the Baltimore area, contact us for a free case evaluation.

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Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don’t just sue them. SNYDER THEM.

Call 410-THE-FIRM. Don't just sue them. SNYDER THEM

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