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The Threat Of Overdiagnosis

The Threat Of Overdiagnosis

A situation of overdiagnosis can lead to a multitude of things, leaving the patient in disarray.

Medical malpractice is a constant dilemma that hinders the effectiveness of our medical institutions. If something goes wrong during your treatment, it is more than just a mistake. Those working as doctors and nurses, like any other profession, must deal with accountability for their actions. If a patient does not receive the proper care because of an error in the process, then they deserve justice for that outcome. In the world of malpractice, the idea of a patient being overdiagnosed can unfortunately occur. A situation of overdiagnosis can lead to a multitude of things, leaving the patient in disarray.

What Is It?

Overdiagnosis is the diagnosis of a medical condition that would never have caused any symptoms or problems. This type of diagnosis can be harmful, as it could lead to psychological stress and unnecessary treatments. Through these missteps, patients are at risk of not only going through a process that is unwarranted, but the mistreatment could leave them with lingering symptoms.

Examples Of Overdiagnosis

Getting the right treatment

Through overdiagnosis and many factors of medical malpractice, a central issue becomes the concept of receiving the correct treatment. In some cases, the patient may be accurately diagnosed in terms of their symptoms and condition; however, where medical practitioners falter is in determining the amount of treatment that is necessary. For example, a patient could come in and be accurately diagnosed for the condition they currently show. Yet, the mistake that can be made is when doctors inaccurately evaluate the degree of illness, leading to more treatment than the patient actually needs. In this situation, the patient can be left with negative results, as the overdiagnosis leads to over-treatment. Overdiagnosis can occur in many ways, but it mostly results in this treatment that is not needed. Furthermore, this unnecessary treatment gives way to extended medical costs.

Error in medication

Receiving the right medication is crucial to a patient’s health. If the correct medication is not issued, then there will most likely be future complications. However, another issue comes in the form of receiving too much medication. In this case, the doctor has identified the medicine needed to help you reach an optimal level of health. Yet, what the doctor fails to recognize is how much you truly need. This mistake goes back to getting the treatment right. If the doctor identifies your condition as more advanced or serious than it actually is, then that miscalculation will result in harmful side effects, some of which could be fatal. If you are prescribed the wrong medication (or the wrong amount), that is a form of medical malpractice.

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