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The Top Three Worst Birth Injuries

Worst Birth Injuries

Here are our top three worst birth injuries.

The last thing we want to encounter during childbirth is a birth injury, but it does happen sometimes. There are several different types of birth injuries that can occur during childbirth, but some are worse than others. Birth injuries can be temporary or affect a child for the duration of their lives. Here are the top three worst birth injuries that can occur.

Improper Extraction/Delayed C-Section

Sometimes during a difficult delivery, a baby may get stuck in the birth canal and need assistance being extracted. Things like vacuum and forceps extractors help the doctor pull the baby out, but this comes at a big risk. Putting too much force on the baby during delivery can cause damage to the head and shoulder area. Typically, when a baby is improperly extracted, a C-Section was probably the better option. A delayed C-section is dangerous if there is excess pressure on the baby. Waiting too long to begin a C-section can result in birth asphyxia (lack of oxygen). Improper extraction or a delayed C-section can cause Erb’s Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, and even wrongful death.

Failure to Diagnose

Diagnostic errors can also be catastrophic for adults, but newborns are a lot more fragile. Bacterial Meningitis is a commonly misdiagnosed condition that can be fatal in as little as 24 hours for infants. The treatment is as simple as antibiotics and fluids but if it’s overlooked, it can lead to wrongful death. Another dangerous condition is Kernicterus, which is a result of jaundice that is left untreated for too long, leading to potential brain injuries.

Umbilical Cord Problems

The umbilical cord is what keeps the baby alive while they are inside the womb. Any damage to the umbilical cord can be fatal to an infant if it isn’t taken care of immediately. The umbilical cord should be closely monitored throughout the pregnancy so that action can be taken if there are any issues. A baby’s umbilical cord can become folded, compressed, or even wrap around the baby.

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